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    What Should be in Your Hiking Pack

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    What Should be in Your Hiking Pack

    One of my favorite things to do while road tripping around the US is hiking. You can see some of the most beautiful areas just by hiking back to them. Oh, and hiking is free and you can do it just about anywhere! One thing I've realized though is that you need a quality hiking pack to carry all your gear. For short hikes, you can use a smaller hydration pack, but any hiking over 2-3 hours, get a pack that carries 100oz. Overnight or back country hiking, you need a much bigger sturdier pack. This Osprey Mira pack is a great hiking pack for a day hike as it can hold your water, food, and emergency supplies.


    REI Hiking Packs

    Now that you have your hiking pack, what exactly do you put in it? Here is what is in mine, including emergency gear. I pack for no matter what situation I might get myself into. Whether it is coming face-to-face with a bear or just getting a blister on my big toe.

    1. Bear Spray
    2. First Aid Kit
    3. Benadryl travel size
    4. Headlamp
    5. Waterproof Matches
    6. Mylar Blanket
    7. Rain Poncho
    8. Hydration Beans
    9. Trail Mix
    10. Carabiners
    11. Knife
    12. Solar Charger

    Backpacking: Backpacking For Beginners – With Insider Money Saving Tips

    If I am going out for just an hour or two, I make sure to have light snacks. When I do longer 3-5 hour hikes then I bring peanut butter, hydration beans, and even dehydrated food. I always make sure that I have a full water pack at all times, even if I am only going for a short hike. Always be prepared in case something happens out there.

    Mountain House Best Sellers Kit

    When I'm hiking in the rain or overly wet areas, I also bring along an extra pair of socks and storage bags. When climbing uphill, think about picking up some hiking poles. Also, you need good hiking boots or trail running shoes.

    Salomon Trail Running Shoe

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