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Where to Find Pressed Penny Machines Across the U.S.

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Collecting mementos from places you visit is something that keeps the memories alive. One of the cheapest and most practical ways of snatching mementos from your journey is finding a penny squisher machine, better known as pressed penny machines. I always called them squisher machines.

Where to Find Pressed Penny Machines Across the U.S.

Pressed Penny Machines will take a penny that you put into the machine and squish it into an elongated coin and embosses a design featuring the place you found it. If you are a penny squisher coin collector, you can find these machines all over the U.S. Keep in mind that these machines generally cost 50 cents to use.

I can remember growing up everywhere we would go we would look for these machines. We would get so excited to use them, then the dreaded “I don't have quarters”, ugh it got us almost every time.

Take a look below to find penny squisher machines across the U.S. that you can visit!

#1 Alabama

#2 Alaska


#3 Arizona

#4 Arkansas

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#5 California

#6 Colorado

#7 Connecticut

#8 Delaware

#9 Florida


#10 Georgia

#11 Hawaii

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#12 Idaho

#13 Illinois

#14 Indiana

#15 Iowa

This is a great booklet to keep all your pressed pennies in as well. There are small slots like baseball card holders inside to keep them all safe and secure.

#16 Kansas

#17 Kentucky

#18 Louisiana

#19 Maine

#20 Maryland

#21 Massachusetts

#22 Michigan

#23 Minnesota

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#24 Mississippi

#25 Missouri

#26 Montana

#27 Nebraska

#28 New Hampshire

  • None in New Hampshire

#29 New Jersey

#30 New Mexico

Grab one of these as is or you can request some customization from the builder. This pressed penny holder is a great addition to your home.

#31 New York

#32 North Carolina

#33 North Dakota

#34 Ohio

#35 Oklahoma


#36 Oregon

#37 Pennsylvania

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#38 Rhode Island

#39 South Carolina

#40 South Dakota

#41 Tennessee

#42 Texas

I just love this design to display all your pressed pennies. It seems so fun and would fit in any home I am sure.

#43 Utah

#44 Vermont

#45 Virginia

#46 Washington

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#47 Washington D.C.

#48 West Virginia

#49 Wisconsin


#50 Wyoming


These are just a few locations for each state. If you are wondering about a specific town give this list a try.  Let us know where your favorite pressed penny machines are located and share your photos of them in the comments below!


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    1. The Chicago museum of science and industry has penny press,got lucky and received the U505 one on 1st try. Also US Air Force museum has one in Dayton. Thanks for your site.

    2. The Elkhorn Tavern at Barrel House Distilling Company in Lexington Ky just got one. They are located at 1200 Manchester Street in Lexington,Kentucky. Do a distillery tour, taste some great bourbon grab a bite of local fare and get your pressed penny!
      Street Scene Vintage in Lexington also just at got one. Buy some cool vintage duds and grab another penny on your trip to horse show country.

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