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If you are looking for all things fun to do, tips on destinations or just want to be with cool people who also love to travel and gawk at amazing destination photos you have made it to the right place!


WHO is Marissa?

 I'm Marissa, I am the owner and the brains behind the site. I am a mom to 4 kids ages 13 to 8. This consists of 3 boys and 1 girl. Plus 5 furbabies ( 3 dogs and 2 cats). My husband works int eh Solar industry and I Love to travel, alone or with my family

More about me. Let's see, I never know what to say here! I grew up in Idaho, lived in the same town majority of my life. We used to move every 3.5 years as my father was Air Force. Once I turned 18 I busted out and have since lived in Iowa, Nebraska, back to Idaho, and now finally Arizona. 

Anyway it's true I DO have a gypsy soul and I LOVE to travel. Hubby didn't get to travel much outside his Navy traveling, and we want our kids to experience the United States so when the opportunity came to travel the USA in an RV and road school our kids after some thinking ( a short amount of thinking) we jumped on it.

We have 3 dogs, their names are Coal ( Blue Heeler/Hanging Tree Healer ), Rollie Rollie ( more of a mutt but Husky/Lab Border Collie/Blue Heeler Mix ), and Tucker who we call Doodle ( Red Heeler ). We also have 2 cats, Smokey and Zoey.

We love to go do new things and see where the road goes.

I also blog about all things Frugal Living, which includes, food, DIY, money-saving tips, homeschooling, and moreover on The Frugal Navy Wife.

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