7 Reasons to Take Your Family Camping

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Are you debating a camping trip this year? Wondering if it is worth it to take your family on a camping trip. Is it worth the stress, packing, and planning? What if things don't go as planned will it still be worth it? Camping has many benefits from great new experiences to improved confidence and health you won't be sorry when you go on a camping trip. Here are 7 great reasons to take your family camping this year.

Camping has many benefits from new experiences to improved confidence. Here are 7 great reasons to take your family camping this year. #camping #ourroaminghearts #familyadventures #campingideas #familycamping | Family Camping | Camping | Reasons to go Camping | Taking your kids Camping | Things to know about Family Camping

7 Reasons to Take Your Family Camping

Camping with your family is one of the best ways to make memories while teaching you kids skills they will use for a lifetime. Even if it's camping in your own back yard or if you plan to hike to an amazing camping spot these tips will all apply. 


How do you make a tent camping fun?

This is one of the questions I get asked the most. Sometimes kids just need to be entertained and that's ok! This is family time so really anything goes! 

One thing that is fun for everyone is the Camp Daze Mad Libs, these Mad Libs are all camping related and will keep you entertained. Plus it's easy to pack ina nd out of a campsite. 

Another one is this foldable Corn Hole game. It folds away for easy packing and unfolds to a fun game that is great for family time. 

For older kids, upper elementary to middle school I highly suggest this Kidz Xplore Outdoor Explorer Set 20 pc Nature Set. It all stores in a backpack that is easy to tote to a campsite and it will allow them to explore and it's very educational! 

For toddlers, we have the Sprouts Camp Out! Where they can make their own little camp aground with a plastic fire, smores and more all in a  little carrying case. 


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How do I make my camping tent more comfortable?

Families want comfort, I get that. So when packing pack comfortable blankets and pillows, looking to camping air mattresses instead fo sleeping bags. 

Allow younger kids to bring a stuffed animal to sleep with for comfort. I also suggest a Cloud b nightlight. It's a stuffed animal nightlight that runs on batteries and projects soothing lights on the top of the tent (or room ceiling).

Now on to your 7 reasons why this is something your family should be doing! 

Family bonding

In today's world of technology, we often find ourselves lacking in family bonding time. What was once family time now involves each member of the family on their own device. A camping trip is just a way to break the cycle.

Pick a site WITHOUT electricity for the weekend and watch your family pull out their phones less and less when they realize they are about to die and the only way to charge them is to ask you for the key to the car. Better yet take the car chargers out before you leave the house!


Basic survival skills

Camping is the perfect time to teach your child basic survival skills. Learn to pitch a family tent, read a map, start a fire, fish for food, and cook on an open fire. While you may not foresee your child needing these skills, they may come in handy for your child one day. You never know when a disaster will strike, and your community will find themselves in need of basic survival skills.

Build confidence in your children

Something about accomplishing the basics like pitching a tent builds a child's confidence. They walk away feeling like they really did something. Because well they did.

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Earn a badge

If your child is in any of the major scouting programs your summer camping trip can help your child earn a badge or two. Look through all of your child's outdoor badges and see what things you can plan on your camping trip to help them learn and grow while you spend some quality time together.

Camping is full of hands-on educational opportunities

Many national parks that offer camping also offer some fantastic lessons for your child. Go see the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, or even go mining for diamonds. Spend nights out under the stars learning about the wonders your child can see in the sky. Don't forget to do your Junior Ranger books at each National Park.

Have a vacation for less

Camping is a much cheaper way to get out on vacation instead of spending money on hotel rooms. When you have a larger group, this is even more savings. Camping is an amazing way to get out to new places without breaking the bank. You can camp nearly anywhere you want to go, even at Disney.

It's good for your health

If you're still looking for a reason to go camping, how about the fact that camping is good for your health. All of that fresh air, exercise, and time away from life's stressors go a long way to making you feel better, less stressed, and improve your overall health.


What do you think is the best reason to take your family camping?


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