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    Nashville Zoo – Nashville, Tennessee

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    If you're looking for a fun day trip that the whole family will love, you should check out the Nashville Zoo. The zoo is home to hundreds of different animals, making it the perfect place to learn about nature and all its wonders. Plus, there are plenty of activities for kids of all ages, so no one will get bored. So make sure to put the Nashville Zoo on your list of things to do next time you're in town!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee

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    The Nashville Zoo – Nahsville, TN

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    The Nashville Zoo is in the middle of a concrete jungle (Nashville) but once you drive in it’s like a little oasis.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Drive in

    We rented one of the double strollers for the day, we had the 3 year old in it and switched out the older two and I carried the baby in my Ergo Carrier.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Stroller

    The Zoo had their Halloween décor out at the time we visited (begining of Oct).

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Halloween Decor

    There was also a wedding going on that day.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Wedding

    The first animals we saw were the Meerkats.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Meerket Sign

    They had a tunnel for kids to crawl through and pop up in the middle of the exhibit and view them up close.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Pop Up

    These little critters were so funny and dramatic

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee MeerKat

    They have a great jungle gym to let kids run and get their energy out!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Jungle Gym

    Heading to each exhibit you could find that animal’s footprints on the sidewalk.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Foot Prints

    We were so excited to see the elephants; they had a great exhibit for them with a beautiful pool and multiple areas to view them from

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Elephants

    Then we followed the next set of tracks… And saw the giraffes, we even got treated to a baby giraffe only about a month old!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Giraffe

    Then we stopped at the zoo café for lunch. I loved that all their food was local!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Local Food

    Then we stopped in to see the fish and reptile exhibit, let me stop and shudder right there. I dislike most reptiles but I can’t STAND snakes like won’t even stand in the same room as their cages.

    So when we hit that part I let hubby take over and let the kids look so I could walk up a ways and wait for them.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Fish

    There were even some animals listed as under vet care.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Vet Care

    Then we headed to the petting zoo. I was worried the kids would freak out about the goats roaming right up to them but they LOVED IT!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Goat Petting

    They found some brushes and were able to pet the goats too. They had a blast chasing down every goat to make sure it was brushed.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Goat Brushing

    On a side note you could tell we were in Jack Daniel’s country….

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Jack Daniel

    Then I felt some tugging at my skirt…. Some goat was trying to eat it! Got a good laugh from the hubby on that one! Then my son was eyeing that goat up to make sure it left us alone

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Eyeing of the Goat

    We then got to see some flamingos and my kids tried to stand like them… unsuccessfully.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Flamingo

    We then got to see several animals including a hog, cougar and a monkey all that where trying to hide we caught glimpses but nothing you can see in a picture!

    From there we got to cross a beautiful koi pond.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Koi Pond

    Then we headed to mommy’s favorite exhibit ( I LOVE white tigers), the tigers and saw this sign.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Tiger Sign

    Hubby had to make mention to the tiger episode of Malcolm in the Middle and that’s all I could think about!  But I wasn't disappointed I got to see my white tigers!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Tigers

    Hubby was upset the bear section was under construction and there were no bears, that is his favorite animal to see. I told him we could move to the Smoky Mountains and he could have one in his back yard. He didn’t like my joke very much, haha!

    Next we saw some Zebras.

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Zebras

    Then came one of my favorite memories from the zoo! The Kangaroos!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Kangaroo 1

    The kids got to kneel right by sleeping kangaroos!

    In the exhibit you stayed on the path and let the kangaroos come to you

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Kangaroo Sign

    Then we got to see a sleeping baby kangaroo right up close!

    Nashville Zoo - Nashville, Tennessee Baby Kangaroo

    Nashville Zoo is a great place to visit, and it's even better during the holiday season. There are so many fun things to see and do at the zoo, and you can make a day of it by spending time outdoors with your family and friends. If you haven't been yet, be sure to put it on your list of places to go this winter!

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