How to Get a Free Disney World Vacation

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Has your family ever been to Disney? These days, Disney is so expensive that I have trouble justifying it unless I'm getting to get a free Disney World vacation. It may seem impossible to visit Disney for free, but believe it or not, it isn't as hard as you might think! In fact, it can actually be easy! How? By taking the time to earn free gift cards and cash online to get your free Disney tickets.

It may seem impossible to visit Disney for free, it isn't as hard as you might think! Here are top ways to get a free Disney World Vacation. #disney #frugaltravel #ourroaminghearts #familyvacation | Disney Vacations | Frugal Travel | Free Disney Vacation | Family Vacations

How to Get a Free Disney World Vacation

I have been completing surveys, doing tasks, and more for cash and free gift cards online for years. During that time, I have gotten Christmas for free every year and yes, I have totally paid for a Disney trip without spending anything out of pocket! My kids had a blast and they never knew that we were on a budget vacation!

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We were still able to do the things we wanted to do, but my budget didn't suffer because of it.  To earn free gift cards that I use to visit Disney for free, I use three main sites and a couple of others occasionally. All of them are 100% legitimate and are not scams. I have been paid by each and every one of them multiple times so you can sign up with confidence for each one.

I would never post anything for you that I wasn't 100% sure of. Most of these sites can be used in rotation with each other meaning you can maximize the number of free gift cards or cash that you're earning!

If you choose to be paid in cash from the sites that offer both, make sure that you send that money directly to a savings account. It is your travel fund and if you really want to visit Disney for free, you should not touch it unless you have no other choice. You may just be surprised at how quickly it all adds up! It sure did me when I first began!

A few questions I've gotten that I want to answer before we jump into the good stuff.

What can you do for free at Disney?

One of the most popular things to do is visiting Disney Springs they have shops and attractions and food and all things Disney of course.

You will also want to check out our list of 25 Free Things To Do in Orlando Fl.

Orlando Tour Passes

There are so many options for bundling attractions at a fraction of the cost to get more bang for your buck. In the Orlando area, these are your best options:

Orlando City Pass – Save on tickets to famous theme parks

Orlando GoCity Explorer Pass – Choose from 2-5 attractions. You will have 60 days to use the pass.

Orlando Sightseeing Pass – Entry to 2-5 attractions. Over 25 attractions to choose from.

Orlando Tours – 25+ tours and excursions to choose from.

You can take in a Movie Under the Stars at Fort Wilderness even if you aren't staying there.

Ride their monorail that not only takes you from attraction to attraction in many cases rides through part of the parks too.

In the same way, you can ride the monorail for free you can ride their boat rides from park to park for free as well.

Watch the Animals of the Savanna at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. For many of the animals, you are able to see right at the hotel make sure to ask the concierge for an “Animal Viewing Guide.”

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Ride the Disney Monorail free
Ride the Disney Monorail free. Photo by Heather Maguire

How can I park for free at Disney?

The best way to get free parking is to stay at one of the Disney hotels. Now that might seem weird because the Disney hotels are more expensive just to save $25 a day in parking. But using my tips below you will not only be able to stay free but then you save on parking as well!

You also get free parking if you are a Disney pass holder. This is a great idea if you live in Florida or plan to visit more than once a year.

Do Disney employees get free passes?

Yes depending on the position, and how many hours worked. The most common seems to be the employee plus 3 free passes per visit and the number of visits depends on the hours worked and the position in the company.

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Now on to the ways to get free Disney tickets!

Get a free Disney World vacation with Gift Cards

InstaGC – by far my favorite and most used site to earn free gift cards from. They offer both gift cards and cash by Paypal, paper check, or direct deposit. To earn with InstaGC, you will take surveys, complete tasks, watch videos, and more. It all adds up very quickly since 1 point = $0.01 and most things pay pretty decently.

Plus when you sign up for an InstaGC account, you will automatically receive 10 points for joining. When you request your gift card payments, they are instant. Paypal is as well after your first cashout. With InstaGC, you can save for your Disney trip by requesting cash payments or you could save on airfare since they offer Southwest airlines gift cards.

Swagbucks – is my second most used site and it is super easy to use. Instead of searching Google for something,  search Swagbucks instead! You'll earn random points for searching normally, plus you can earn by watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, and more.

When you sign up for a Swagbucks account, you can use them to save for your Disney trip by requesting Paypal cashouts or if you're driving to Disney, you can request free gas cards. Payments take 7-10 days to be sent so be sure to allow yourself enough time to receive the payment.

Survey Time – another favorite of mine. When you sign up for a Survey time account, you will take surveys of course. When you complete a survey you are given $1. These will add up.

You can set your payout to be an Amazon gift card or other various gift cards but I prefer the Paypal option. Just give me the cash!

Inbox Dollars – You check your email every day, right? Why not get paid for it. Sign up for an Inbox Dollars account and you can! Not only will they pay you for reading your email but you can earn by completing offers as well! This is another site that is great for adding cash to your Disney fund.

Quick Rewards – How would you like to get paid for doing almost anything online? When you sign up for a Quick Rewards account, you get paid for doing just that! They pay daily to Paypal and will pay you for doing everything from visiting websites to completing a survey and everything in between!

Ebates – Once you're ready to take all of your earnings and visit Disney for free, make certain that you have taken the time to sign up for an Ebates account. If you book your travel, hotel, or shop through Ebates at all, they will pay you cashback on your purchases!

This won't help you go to Disney for free, but it will help keep a bit of your earned survey money in your pocket! Plus when you make your first $25.00 (or more) purchase, they will give you a $10.00 bonus totally free!

Also, make sure you use Ebates when booking anything online for your trip!

LifePoints– I don't do many survey sites now but LifePoints was the first one I signed up for and the one I still use. When you sign up for a Lifepoints account make sure you complete your profile. You can do surveys and even product tests and earn money wish you can cash out for gift cards.

Amazon Gift Cards – I shared over 45 ways to earn free Amazon Gift Cards. Stock up and then you can use your Amazon Gift Cards to buy the gift cards you need for your travel, hotels, or even visa gift cards to buy tickets. These are your quick way to your free Disney World vacation.

Grab free Disney Tickets – Media Tickets

Yes, bloggers, reporters, influences, and travel photographers can get free Disney tickets. The basic info is that qualifying media may request two (2) 1-Day Park Hopper tickets once every 12 months.

To see if you qualify and get the details to apply, check out the Disney media tickets page.

Use Points for free Disney Tickets

There are many points reward credit cards out there. If you use them responsibly, like paying them off at the end of the month, they can be a great way to earn free Disney tickets. Many of these cards will all you to use your points on hotel, airfare, and tickets.

You need to remember blackout dates, and really do some planning.

Pick a card that rewards you most for what you will spend the most on. If you will spend the most on groceries, make sure that's where you will earn the highest points., same for gas and travel.

Only use the one credit card so all your points rack up in one place and, of course, be responsible and don't buy things you can't afford normally.

If you want more details on the how of doing this check out Richmond Savers. This seems to be the most popular way people are getting a free Disney World vacation.

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free disney tickets and disney rides
Photo by Valentin GIRARD

Free Disney Tickets with Disney Mom Panel

Have you may have heard of the Disney Mom Panel. You can apply each year to one of the different areas of the panel (Florida, California, Cruises, etc)

You will get a trip to the Disney area you represent once a year for you and up to 3 people in your family. In return, you must complete the requirements they outline. They accept applications each year in September. So set a reminder!

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Use Airbnb Credit for Places to Stay

With rentals available all over the world, you're sure to find the perfect place to stay. Airbnb has something for everyone. Plus, with prices that are often much cheaper than traditional hotels, you'll be able to stretch your vacation budget even further.

If you can not find an Airbnb that fits your needs a second option is VRBO. Find an amazing vacation home for your family.

You can use the Amazon Gift Cards I mentioned above to get Airbnb gift cards and save up and get your whole stay free.

While this isn't one of the Disney resorts with all the fancy bells and whistles it will be a free place to stay, with a kitchen to save money on food costs while there.

Remember when searching, look in Orlando, FL as well as Kissimmee, FL.

You can find many hotels and resorts on Airbnb as well if you really want the vacation feel. One I found was in Kissimmee named “FantasyWorld NrDisney 2 bedr's #01” It's a resort with an amazing pool, fire pits, indoor spaces and it's like a mini home. You get a kitchen, dining room, and living room, then head upstairs to 2 bedrooms.

Why are there resorts on Airbnb?

Because many times they are looking to fill blocks of time, or they are newer and trying to get their name out there.

Sometimes they are timeshare reports so if the owners are using them during their times then they list them to make some of their money back.

More Florida Disney Posts

No matter the reason it's a win for you make sure you take a look.

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free Disney World vacation, Disney Castle
Photo by Dominik Scythe

Use Groupon Bucks to Get a Free Disney World Vacation

I like using Groupon for things to do outside of the parks. You can rack up Groupon Bucks with your gift cards sites mentioned above, then trade these in for tickets and even hotel stays.

Groupon has hotels and resorts you can book but I like using them for the fun stuff outside the parks. That includes theater clubs, museums, shows, tours, and more.

One of my favorites for families on Groupon right now is the Crayola Experience and Pirates Dinner Adventure. Just don't book these attractions until you have your dates because some are date specific.

Get a Discount Vacation

Now when it all comes down to it and you have your gift cards in hand you still want to make your money count! Make sure you book a discount vacation and many times this means a Disney Vacation package and then you would just use a Visa Gift card from the ways above.

Pro Tip: Use the gift cards in things like your grocery budget and put cash from that budget into savings for your trip. It's still free it's just a roundabout way!

Want to book your entire vacation as a package? Give Getaway Today a try. They have specials and promos going on all the time.

They have Disneyland and Disney world packages along with Adventures by Disney packages.

If you are looking at Disney World and a Florida vacation make sure to check out Destination Florida and do a free request for info. They cover all the theme parks and attractions in the area.

If you are buying everything I would use Getaway Today.

Also, make sure to check out our travel deals page for any deals or sales on your next trip no matter where it is!

Please let me know all about your free Disney World vacation is the comments below and any other tricks you used!

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