Everything You Need to Know When Visiting the OK Corral Tombstone Arizona

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You can read all about the wild west in history books, but how would you like to experience it as if you time-traveled to the 1880s? When you plan a trip to the OK Corral Tombstone Arizona, you are planning a trip back in time to the famous gunfight at OK Corral between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

Planning a trip to the OK Corral Tombstone Arizona? Get ready for a trip back in time. Here is what you need to know and more! #okcorral #tombstone #arizon #travel #ourroaminghearts | Tombstone AZ | Arizona Travel | OK Corral | Things to know

Everything You Need to Know When Visiting the OK Corral Tombstone Arizona

Now if you're in Tombstone you will see there are many version of the OK Corral gunfight to be seen.

One boasts a comical spin even but there is only one historically accurate and takes place right next door to the actual gunfight site (like seriously 25 feet away or less). 

Plus there is so much to learn about 1800s Tombstone all wrapped up in one ticket!

Also if you want to know more check out the VIDEO at the bottom of the page! 

First a few popular questions.

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Who all died at the OK Corral?

3 men died that day in the streets of Tombstone, Tom and Frank McLaury and Billy Clanton. They are buried in the Boothill Graveyard also in Tombstone. 

Boothill Graveyard Tombstone Arizona

Where was the OK Corral located?

Right in Tombstone Arizona. The Ok Corral is right on the historic main street, that isn't open to cars. They do the historical reenactments there now. See the info below! 

Ok Corral Tombstone Arizona

The OK Corral is open daily from 9-5. Make sure to get your show tickets and catch the movie! 

But there is more to do than just a gunfight reenactment. 

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Tombstone Historama Movie

Make your first stop to Tombstone Historama to learn about the history of Tombstone. The 26-minute multimedia presentation runs every hour on the hour starting at 10.

OK Corral Actual Gun Fight Site

Actual Gunfight Site

Visit the actual site of the gunfight at OK Corral. Eight life-size characters are positioned exactly where it happened and you get to hear the 30-second showdown.

I loved being able to see in and stand there in that spot. History was made there and it's just amazing to see. 

Wyatt Earps Map of Ok Corral Fight


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Wyatt Earps Map

How do we know this is the actual location and what happened? Well, Wyatt Earp told us! Even down to drawing a map. 

He shared so much first-person history that is amazing to have been documented before he died. It was amazing to read. 

Ok Corral Tombstone Arizona

1880s Stable

Sit in a buggy at the OK Corral Tombstone Arizona 1880s stable. With buggy’s, saddles, and fire equipment, you can delve into the world of the 1880s.

They even include items used from the Tombstone Movie

OK Corral Gunfight Reenactment

Gun Fight Reenactment

Watch the reenactment of the gunfight at the Streets of Tombstone Theatre. The reenactment only takes place at 11, noon, 2, and 3:30 so plan your day accordingly. You can even do a meet and greet with the actor after the show!

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Meet the OK Corral Reenactment crew
Me Meeting the OK Corral Reenactment crew

OK Corral Office Museum

Learn about daily life in Corral at the OK Corral Office Museum. Here you will discover two murders, see how local medicine was practiced, and meet Dr. Goodfellow the famous gunshot wound surgeon.

Visit the Blacksmith

Get your name stamped on an old horseshoe at the Blacksmith. Grizz uses 1880s techniques to make brandings.

Doc Holiday Boarding House Room

Look at Doc Holidays room at the Boarding House. Then, head on over to C.S. Fly’s Photographic Gallery where you can see over 100 C.S Fly photographs from the 1880s, Tombstone, and the Apache Geronimo.

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C.S. Fly’s Photographic Studio

Take a look at how photographs were created at C.S. Fly’s Photographic Studio. Here you will see Fly’s original photograph material as well as how Earps and the Clanton’s were photographed back then.

Gem Mining Ok Corral Tombstone Arizona3

Gemstone Mining

Try your hand at gemstone mining at a running water mining sluice. Do you think you can do it as previous prospectors did?

Cowboy Bunkhouse

Check out how the real cowboys lived in the Cowboy Bunkhouse. In the exhibit, you will get to see cowboy paraphernalia and a fancy buggy from back in the day.

Learn About the Opium Ordinance

Opium and Opium dens were legal in the wild west days. They were even taxed and had laws to follow. I just found this crazy and they highlighted this history. 

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Tombstone Brothel Ordinance

Brothel Ordinance

The brothel was legal as well. The women had to be an actual business, they had to purchase and a business license and pay taxes. They had rows of cribs for the women.

These women were called ‘Soiled Doves' and these cribs lined 5th and 6th street. The women both lived and worked here.  

Apparently, you could tell when it was payday because there would be lines of men at the cribs. The women would work from sunrise to sunset entertaining the men of Tombstone.

 The landlords would rent the cribs out for $20 a week the women would charge between 25¢ to $1 per man and the stories behind these women it's very pretty most were heavy in drugs and lives ended in suicide. 

The crib you can walk in has much more in history and information about this dark side of Tombstone. 

Cribs of Tombstone Arizona
Tombstone Crib of a Soiled Dove

Read the Newspaper

Included in your ticket is getting a reprint of the newspaper recapping the news from the gunfight. It's a great souvenir and has some amazing information. 


The OK Corral is an amazing reenactment of the 1880s and I highly recommend it when in Tombstone! 

Have you been to the OK Corral Tombstone Arizona? What was your favorite experience? Share it in the comments below!



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