10 Free Things to Do in Flagstaff, AZ

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Flagstaff, Arizona is Arizona's premier 4 season destination. Not only is it the gateway to the Grand Canyon, but because it sits 7000 feet above sea level, it sees all four seasons offering a diverse range of activities to enjoy. Because it is a tourist city that draws millions of tourists each season, it is filled with pricey hotels, attractions, and restaurants. However, if you stick to the natural beauty, you can find fun, free things to do in Flagstaff.

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Free Things to Do in Flagstaff

Enjoy a free camping adventure.

Along with the Ponderosa pines at Coconino National Forest, there are two free camping options for you to choose from A1 Mountain Road and Walnut Canyon.

Hike from Lockett Meadow to the Inner Basin for free.

This 1.7-mile hike through tough terrain is well worth seeing its majestic aspen trees and picturesque scenery.

Walkthrough a volcano.

Explore the ancient ruins of a 740,000-year-old volcano at the Red Mountain Trail.

Take a walk in through historic Flagstaff downtown.

Download the calendar to see what is going on each day of the week. Enjoy free movies at the square, activities, and lots to see and do.

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Enjoy free live entertainment at Heritage Square.

Who doesn’t like free entertainment? Enjoy live concerts, shows, and fun at Heritage Square. It's different on different days.

Watch the light show at the Little America Hotel.

Every year during the holidays, the Little America Hotel puts on a show of over a million luminous lights filled with fun and free festivities.

Take a photo opp at Bonito Meadow.

Whether you need family pictures or just want some scenic places to add to your scrapbook, this is the perfect place to capture the beauty in Arizona.

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Head to Flagstaff visitor center for a map of haunted places in Flagstaff.

Why wait until October to get the chills. You can take a self-guided tour to all the haunted places in Flagstaff whenever you want. Make sure to visit the most haunted building: The Monte Vista.

Enjoy winter activities at Snowbowl. As long as you bring your own equipment, you can enjoy tons of winter fun on snow-covered trails at no cost to you. If you don’t have equipment renting is about $15 per person.

Enjoy science at the Flagstaff Festival of Science. Every year, Flagstaff puts on this free festival with stargazing, astronomy programs, and free guided nature walks, and more. This happens for 2-weeks from September 23-October 2nd.

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Did we miss anything? What other free things do you enjoy in Flagstaff? Share your free things to do in Flagstaff in the comments below!


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