15 Route 66 Attractions in Oklahoma: A Must-See Adventure

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Are you looking for an unforgettable adventure? With its unparalleled scenery, attractions, and activities, Oklahoma is the perfect spot to take your Route 66 journey. Whether you’re a road-tripper or just a sightseer, there are plenty of unique experiences to explore in this great state. Here is our list of some Route 66 attractions in Oklahoma that must-see (and must-do!) stops along your Route 66 journey in Oklahoma.

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What major cities do Route 66 go through in Oklahoma?

Route 66 passes through many towns and cities in Oklahoma, including Tulsa, El Reno, Weatherford, Clinton, Elk City, and Texola.

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What attractions can I find along Route 66 in Oklahoma?

Along your journey on Route 66, you’ll find a number of renowned attractions such as the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Totem Pole Park near Chelsea, and Pops restaurant near Arcadia. You'll also be able to stop off at some of the lesser-known sites such as Stone Garden near Chandler and Lucille's Roadhouse.

How long does it take to drive the full length of Route 66 in Oklahoma?

The total distance of east-to-west driving is approximately 450 miles (724 km). If you drive straight through with no stops it will take around 8 hours but many travelers prefer to break up the journey so they have time to explore more of the sights along the road – which can add several days or even weeks onto your route if you wish to experience more of all that Oklahoma has to offer!

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National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Founded in 1965, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is the premier institution of Western art, history, and culture. It houses one of the world’s largest collections of ‘Western' artifacts, including Native American ceremonial objects and historic firearms

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Totem Pole Park

This park displays over 50 totem poles from around the world that were gifted to Chelsea by local artists. Totem Pole Park also offers a variety of recreational activities such as hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Pops Restaurant

A roadside attraction with a 66-foot tall ‘pop bottle’ serving up delicious shakes, burgers, fries, and more! Pops has become a popular pit stop for travelers along Route 66 since opening in 2007

Stone Garden

Located near Chandler on old US Highway 66 is this creative garden made out of large stone sculptures. There are many interesting pieces on display that range from traditional figures to abstract designs created by local artist Joe Roberts

Lucille's Roadhouse

This nostalgic roadhouse gives visitors an authentic feel of what traveling along Route 66 was like back in the day! At Lucille's Roadhouse, you can enjoy classic diner food such as burgers and shakes along with plenty of memorabilia showcasing the attraction's history

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Oklahoma Route 66 Museum and Ode to the Mother Road Memorial Fountain

The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum showcases the rich history of Route 66 with interactive exhibits featuring vintage photographs and artifacts from days gone by as well as unique artwork paying homage to this iconic highway

The U-Drop Inn Tower and Café

Built in 1936 by J.B Kildare this building served as both a gas station/convenience store and café before being restored to its original grandeur in 1997

Grand Lake of the Cherokees

A popular destination spot for outdoor enthusiasts boasting numerous marinas, campgrounds, hiking trails, swimming areas, and fishing spots

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The Round Barn & Red Fork Pottery Shop

Family-run operation offering handmade pottery items such as mugs plates bowls coasters etc., all crafted right onsite at their barn shop

Oklahoma Route 66 State Park Visitor Center & Museum

One of two state parks dedicated solely to preserving Oklahoma's connection to Route 66 featuring interpretive signs that outline its significance for travelers past present and future

Bates' Hitchin' Post Western Store & Saddlery

Offers saddles, boots, hats, western apparel, gifts, souvenirs, horse tack, and much more

Stroud's Diner “Barbecue Capital of Oklahoma”

Since 1947 Stroud's has been serving tasty barbecue dishes such as ribs pulled pork sandwiches etc., earning it the moniker ‘Barbecue Capital of Oklahoma'

Standing Bear Park and Museum

The Standing Bear Park and Museum features live animals native plants educational programs interactive exhibits plus dioramas depicting Native American tribes associated with Ponca City

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Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum

Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum houses an extensive collection of rare vintage motorcycles all owned by Steve Simon who started collecting over 40 years ago

Blue Whale of Catoosa

Blue Whales of Catoosa is a famous roadside attraction built in 1972 located near Tulsa that consists of an 80-foot-long blue whale sculpture situated atop a pond

Route 66 has something for everyone, whether you're a history buff, outdoor enthusiast, or lover of all things nostalgic. From stone gardens and roadside attractions to museums and marinas, travelers on the Mother Road are sure to find plenty of interesting sites along their journey through Oklahoma.

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