Ultimate 48 Hour What to do in Billings Montana Guide

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If you only have 48 hours to visit Billings, Montana, would you know the best places to visit? Lucky for you, you’re hearing it from someone that’s actually been there. There’s actually a ton of stuff to choose to try and cram in, in a short amount of time. 

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Ultimate 48 Hour What to do in Billings Montana Guide

Here are several parks, monuments, zoos, and shops that the whole family can enjoy if you only have 2 days to spend here. 

Many visitors enjoy biking, walking, roller-blading and even has a park for children to play. If you enjoy hiking, there’s also the Black Otter Trail, a 6.2 moderate trail that features a river.  

What to Eat in Billings Montana

I shared my list of the Top 10 Places to Eat – Restaurant Guide Billings MT. But with 48 hours make sure you plan on Sassy Biscuit for breakfast for sure. Their french toast was amazing. I ordered two breakfasts because I could't' pick! 

Also for lunch or dinner make sure to grab an Indian Taco at the Custer Battlefield Trading Post mentioned below when you visit! They are famous for the Indian Tacos, even Oprah as featured them. 


Where to Stay in Billings Montana

If you want to stay at a hotel I recommend the Billings Hotel and Conference Center. The hotel has an indoor pool area, a casino, great rooms and it's close to everything. 

You can also find some great deals on Airbnb in the Billings area. I found a great room that was close to everything or get a whole place and cook most of your meals while visiting too. If you sign up with my Airbnb link you will get a free $40 credit. That's almost a whole night free!


What to do in Billings Montana

Make sure to check out our list of free things to do in Billings Mt when you are planning your stay! 

Here is how I'd plan my time but mix in what you will from the free list. 

If you have time I highly suggest driving the Beartooth Highway down to Yellowstone National Park and spending a few days there too!


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Day 1 What to do in Billings Montana


Visiting Pompeys Pillar National Monument - Billings Montana

Pompey's Pillar National Park Site

In Billings, you will also find Pompeys Pillar, one of the United States' smallest national monuments. Captain William Clark of the William and Clark expedition actually signed his signature along the sandstone butte and is visible to this day. He named the tower after Sacagawea’s son, nicknamed that Clark nicknamed  “pomp.”


Lodge Grass CB & Q Railroad Depot - Big Horn County Museum - Hardin Montana

Big Horn County Museum

Located just south of Pompey's Pillar and on the Crow Reservation, the Big Horn County Museum has building and items from across the county and share the history of the area. They have everything from an old schoolhouse, gas station, german church, railroad, doctor's office, funeral home, and so much more. 


Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Last Stand Hill

Little Bighorn Battlefield

Off to the southeast of Billings lies the Little BigHorn Battlefield, sometimes referred to as the famous Custer’s Last Stand. The battlefield tells a history where the Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes fought back in a decisive victory against the  U.S calvary. 

The site honors those that had fallen on both sides. It’s the final resting place for Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and over 268 U.S soldiers. 


Restaurant Guide Millings MT Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Located in the heart of crow country and just outside of Little Bighorn Battlefield, you will come across the Custer battlefield Trading Post  They have a number of souvenirs and collectibles of all kinds. They have a cafe that serves buffalo burgers and a number of other delicious burgers. But they are known for their Indian Tacos, it was even featured in Oprah! 


Billings Montana Sunset

Swords Park 

Swords Park in Billings, Montana, is a 60-acre park that has something recreational to offer for everyone. First off, this park boasts some amazing mountain views and scenery with the Rimrocks. Anyone up for some great rock climbing?

This is also a popular spot to watch the sunrise or sunset over the city. It's right next to the airport so you can watch planes come and go as well. 



Day 2 What to do in Billings Mt


Chief Plenty Coups State Park Teepee

Chief Plenty Coups State Park

Located on the Crow Indian Reservation is the home of the last standing chief of the Crow People. He has an amazing story and his house, property, and the visitor center tell his story and the story of the Crow People. The Bozeman trail also crosses his property. 

There is a small walking trail here and you can visit his grave and the grave of his 2 wives as well. There is a picnic area and a playground for kids all with the mountains and Crow Reservation as a back drop. 


Crow Reservation, Billings Montana

Drive the Crow Reservation

Now to get to places like Big Horn County Museum and Little Bighorn Battlefield yesterday you would have driven on the reservation. Then again to get to Chief Plenty Coups State Park you will be driving on the reservation.

This side of the reservation is my favorite you can see some dirt roads and views of the mountains. To get to the next stop you will drive through the reservation some more. Takes your time I saw lots of wildlife and some amazing views. 

If you want to learn more about the Crow History check out the book The Medicine Crow Indians. It's about two of the Crow Chiefs including Plenty Coups and how they were friends of the white man. 


Pictograph State Park outside of Billings, Montana in Summer

Pictograph Cave State Park

Pictograph Cave State Park is another place to visit while in Billings. The park has three caves that were home to prehistoric hunters. There you can see paintings and wall art that’s over 2,000 years old. 


Moss Mansion

The Moss Mansion is a well-designed historic mansion, built back in 1903. The home came with heated indoor plumbing on every floor and other impressive technology that was advanced for that time period. Make sure you pay this museum a visit.   



You also don’t want to miss out on Montana’s only zoo and botanical garden that you will find at ZooMontana.  This 70-acre is the home to over 100 animals and over 58 different species. 

This regional zoo won’t have all the animals you will see at a major zoo, but still knows how to make it a zoo worth your visit. 


If you have 48 hours this is my list of What to do in Billings Montana. If you’ve visited Billings before, why did you and your family enjoy it? 

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