Custer Battlefield Trading Post & Custer Battlefield Museum

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When you are in Billings Montana you can't head out and learning about the Battle of Little Bighorn it's a big part of the area's history. Take a day and head out to the battlefield and soak in the history, when you are done head across the street and check out the Custer Battlefield Trading Post & Custer Battlefield Museum and grab lunch or dinner.

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Custer Battlefield Trading Post & Custer Battlefield Museum

After you’ve visited Little Bighorn Battlefield, how about heading on over to Custer Battlefield Trading Post? It's right across the street! At the trading post, you will find a gift shop that has several Native American collectibles, apparel, and several other neat souvenirs. 

There’s also a cafe where you can enjoy their authentic Indian Fry Bread, steak dinner or one of their homemade pies. We’ve got more information on what you can expect when you visit the Custer Battlefield Trading Post. 


Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Let’s just say that this gift shop is impressive, and big too! They have a little of everything that’s related to Native Americans, as well as US Cavalry souvenirs. Of course, you’ll find t-shirts, sweaters, coffee mugs, posters, stuff that you can expect at any gift shop, but they also have many unique items as well. 


Native American Cradleboard

If your family enjoys camping, how about consider purchasing a real teepee? Or maybe a Native American cradleboard to easily carry your baby? I love these, they were used to carry the babies on the women's backs. 


Crow Native American Jewelry

They also have Native American jewelry, as well as artwork, dishes, blankets, flutes and baby dolls. They even have miniature soldiers and Sioux warriors that your kids can collect.  


Custer Battlefield Trading Post

Also as you walk around the shop they have many great displays from ones like the above to totem poles and more. Many of the items are for sale and all hand done. They are amazing to see up close and have so much of the Crow Tribe's history ingrained in them. 


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Custer Battlefield Museum

Custer Battlefield Museum

Once you learn the history of the Battle of Little Bighorn across the street you really should stop by the museum. This museum holds the only tintype photo of the Native American Warrior called Crazy Horse who was a big part of the battle. 

The museum was actually started when this tintype was bought and expanded from there. 

The museum also holds over 100 photos from the David F. Barry collection, he was one of the most famous photographers of the wild west taking photos of Custer, Custer's wife, Sitting Bull, and many more. 


Custer Battlefield Trading Post

They have many Indian and Calvary artifacts on display, many can be seen in pictures from people important to the battle. Including a Native American War Hat and a Fully Loaded Remmington that was found. 

They have a whole display on Sitting Bull including his death mask, and a new Lewis and Clark Exhibit. They were a big part of the area and Pomey's Pillar is only a few minutes away. 


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Trading Post Cafe

Trading Post Cafe

When you first walk into the cafe, you will notice that it’s entirely made up of Native American decor. It’s also not your average cafe next to an attraction that you’d expect that serves mediocre food. 

Although they have a small menu, the food is excellent and cooked to perfection. It’s also nice that they have a friendly staff that will go out of their way to greet and serve you during your visit.  

Trading Post Cafe, Buffalo Steaks and Burgers

You can expect nothing less than certified Angus beef when you choose any of their buffalo burgers or steaks off their menu. But that's not what they are famous for. 


Trading Post Cafe Montana Indian Taco

They are most known for their Indian Taco.  It was featured in The Orpah Magazine is made on Indian Fry bread topped with all the toppings. 


Trading Post Cafe Indian Fry Bread

If you’ve never tried Indian fry bread, here’s your chance, it’s especially good with honey. You can even buy their mix to take home with you it's really good! 

You can also rest assured that your kids will find something they enjoy on their menu as well. It’s important that you know that on weekdays around lunchtime the cafe can get extremely busy with the locals on lunch break. 


The trading post is open seven days of the week from 8 a.m to 8 p.m, while the cafe is open till 8:30 p.m. It’s located in Crow Agency, Montana, directly across from the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

If you’re planning on visiting Little Bighorn Battlefield, make sure that you have time to stop by the Custer Battlefield Trading Post and Custer Battlefield Museum when you’re done. It’s worth the visit!   


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