The Belmont Mansion – Nashville, Tennessee

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If you're looking for a dose of southern history and architecture, a visit to the Belmont Mansion in Nashville is a must. This sprawling estate was once home to Adelicia Acklen, one of the richest women in the south. Today, visitors can tour the mansion and its lush gardens, which are full of beautiful statues and fountains. Be sure to check out the incredible ballroom, which is adorned with intricate details and gorgeous murals. If you're lucky, you might even catch a concert or dance performance here!

So I love old homes, wait, let me rephrase that I love old Southern Homes best. I like the history and the opulence of them. So I was excited to check out the Belmont Mansion.

The Belmont Mansion is a house built in 1853 by one of the wealthiest women in America. Boasting 19,000 sqft, this historic mansion is a must see. #belmontmansion #nashville #tennessee #thingstogo #ourroaminghearts| Things To Do In Nashville | Tennessee Travel | Belmont Mansion

The Belmont Mansion – Nashville, Tennessee

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History of Belmont Mansion

What wouldn’t be of interest of a house built in 1853 by one of the wealthiest women in America? Adelicia Hayes Franklin Acklen Cheatham is most often remembered as a socialite and owner of Belmont Mansion. What a long name! She was married to 3 husbands but maintained her wealth from one to the other, with an early form of a prenup, what a smart businesswoman.

The Belmont Mansion – Nashville, Tennessee Adelicia

The Belmont Mansion, as designed to be a pleasure estate of 177 acres with ample gardens, greenhouses, an art gallery and a zoo. It was just as beautiful as seen in the painting below.

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The Belmont Mansion – Nashville, Tennessee Belmont Painting

The painting is displayed in the house.

Adelicia was very demanding to keep her views and the grounds beautiful; this is maintained even now that the grounds are a school!

The Belmont Mansion – Nashville, Tennessee Grounds

Her 2nd husband increased her assets quite a bit. It allowed them to begin building the Belmont Mansion. The pieces in the house and the details are just beautiful. I LOVE her pink china they had displayed.

I wasn’t able to take pictures inside but these pictures from their website of weddings done in the house give you just a taste of what you will see!

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A local Nashville writer even wrote a few books featuring the Belmont Mansion!

A Lasting Impression (A Belmont Mansion Novel Book #1)

A Beauty So Rare (A Belmont Mansion Novel Book #2)

Belmont Facts

The house was built with 36 rooms and is 19,000 sq feet

There were many buildings not attached to the house, including a guest house, art gallery, bowling alley, gardens, and zoo!

Belmont Mansion was occupied for 2 weeks before the battle of Nashville by Union General Thomas J Wood. The house remained unharmed during the Civil War

Before her death, Adelicia sold the house and it became a women’s academy, later it became a Seminary and is now Belmont University.

The Belmont Mansion – Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re ever in Nashville, be sure to visit the Belmont Mansion – it’s a beauty! And if you have already been, tell us all about your experience in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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