7 Little-Known Legoland Secrets

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Legoland theme park in Winter Haven, Florida has much to offer for you and your family and is not your typical theme park.

Although it has many fun rides and some great entertainment like most parks do, there is a great challenging element to it as well, that encourages creativity and thinking, and not just the “fun” aspect. These are a few little Legoland secrets.

Legoland has many fun rides and some great entertainment like most parks do, there is a great challenging element to it as well. Here are 7 Legoland Secrets #legoland #themeparks #ourroaminghearts | Theme Park Secrets | Legoland Visits | Legoland Secrets

7 Little-Known Legoland Secrets

If you are a homeschooler, they do have homeschool days as well, where your family can get it for a significant discount, so take advantage of that.

Here are the top 7 things there to do that are less known, but definitely worth checking out on your visit:

They have builder’s classes

In the back Imagination Area of the park, there is a large area with many fun building activities your whole family can take part in, but in the corner of it, they have classrooms that are for specific builds that happen several times a day.

The best way to get into a class is to go there early in the day and sign up. There are a few different levels that go by age group, so just ask and the staff will help you choose. How about that for a Legoland Secret.

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The classes not only include using the bricks and the technic type sets, but they incorporate computer programming of the item the kids build, making it come to life and they have computers for each child to use, so there’s no waiting your turn. The teachers are always very helpful and patient as well.

Races & Flying

In the same building as the builder’s classes, and basically, right outside the door to them, is an area with 2 very cool features. The kids can sign in and get either a set of wheels for building a race car or a contraption that glides over a tube and sends your item flying.

They can experiment with building all different sorts of cars or planes, or just stack bricks on the bases and then race them. The races even have timers and lights to tell you when you go. It has recently been updated and is really cool and so much fun.


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Nexo Knights Adventure

As your tour the park, there is a fun Nexo Knights activity your kids can do. There are signs throughout the park that help lead them through it and there is also an app you can download to help. It makes for another layer of fun that will help keep them really observing their surroundings and checking out everything as they search for the next activity.

Plus, this helps them just stay away from the whining and carrying on that can happen, especially mid-day, because they have a distraction. (Or maybe that’s only MY kids….)


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Lots of Fun for your Math or Engineering Nerd

All over the park, there are lots of really awesome builds for you to see, it’s like visiting a museum, but in a way, your whole family can appreciate. They truly are pieces of art and are amazing.

There are several builds that have the specifications posted beside them, too. This is where the engineering and math really come in. You could guess how many bricks are in something, but chances are, you’d be wrong. These tell you the exact number and how many hours it took to build it.

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Miniland is the large area in the center of the park that is a must-see, and it has so many famous landmarks and cities that have been built. Many of them have interactive things too, like making a ship move, spraying water…etc. This keeps the smaller kids interested while the big kids and adults can drool over the builds.

Down to every last detail, they don’t miss a way to show creativity, and if you are really paying attention, you’ll be surprised around every corner.

Gardens & Lake

The Legoland theme park is built in what used to be another famous park, Cypress Gardens. They have kept some of the buildings and areas intact from it and just added their own spin to make it theirs. If you didn’t know that or hadn’t visited that park before, you may miss some of the neat Legoland Secrets things that have been there for years. The lake itself is beautiful and used to be famous for the water ski shows they would hold there, and this is where you can see a fun ski show now, that features the pirate-themed mini-figures and Captain Brickbeard. It is very fun and the ski stunts are amazing.

Then, as you exit the ski show, to your left, is an area of gardens and trees that have been there for years and years and are a great way to take a break from the noise and just recuperate for a bit if you like. There are some huge Banyan trees, tropical plants, and a gazebo, plus many other plants in that area, and they also pay tribute to the old park with some builds as well, including a few of the ladies in the lovely dresses.

You are allowed to bring your own food in

They are really laid back about letting you bring in food and drinks, and if you like picnicking, they have a few areas designated for that purpose. So if you are looking to save a little money, this is a great way to do so, and it also gives your family some time to sit and have a meal together, and not be in the middle of the noise and chaos that can sometimes come with eating in the theme park.


The Duplo area, which is close to the front of the park, has one picnic spot and the other is further back, past mainland, near the safari themed rides.

There are many “fun” zones too – While I may have made it sound like the educational things are a focus, they are definitely not what most of the park is all about. Fun is the name of the game and they provide you with many places to have it.

There is a game zone in the back imagination area where you can check out the latest video games and just sit and relax in the cool. (This is especially great in the summertime!)

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There are several bins of bricks throughout the park for you to play in, and it is encouraged. Some are even on the lines as you are waiting for a ride.

All of the stores and restaurants have awesome builds to view while you’re in them, and you will be in awe at some of them. Even in the bathrooms, you will find fun lego themed things on the mirrors and walls.

So plan your family a fun day, and make sure you really take your time to take in all the fun Legoland Secrets, and your kids won’t even notice that they are learning!



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