Smart Ways to Secure Your RV – RV Security Systems

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Those of us living a full-time traveling lifestyle get used to trusting those around us. We don't think that someone will try to steal from us. Why would they when we would happily give them anything they need from cup of coffee, tools to repair the rig, or even cash if they needed it and were in a bind at the moment. Sadly though, rigs and possessions end up being stolen. There is a smart way to secure your RV though to prevent thieves.

Smart Ways to Secure Your RV - RV Security Systems

Smart Ways to Secure Your RV – RV Security Systems

Prevent Your Trailer from Leaving Without You

First things first, make sure you have a hitch lock firmly attached to your trailer hitch. MegaHitch makes different sizes and is super easy to install. When someone wants to take off with your trailer, they will go on to someone else's when they see it all locked up!

MegaHitch Lock Coupler Vault Trailer Hitch

Another easy solution is to put a wheel lock on your rig or trailer. People might ask you why you got booted by the police, but will think you are genius when you explain what you are really doing.

Trimax Adjustable Wheel Lock

Light It Up!

Just like with a regular home, people are less likely to try to steal from you if they believe you are home. An easy solution is to have programmable lights that come on at specific times. This is perfect if you have to leave your RV for a couple days to hop on a plane or if you are in a different part of the campground enjoying time with friends.

Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Switch with 3-prong Outlet for Lights and Appliances

Just like at home, I bet you had a security system. Now, whether you actually used it is an entirely different question. There is no reason why you can't install a wireless home security system to your RV, or RV Security Systems. Most will notify the police or fire department if it goes off. More than likely, your neighbor will hear it first. This is another good reason to get to know those parked around you. They are your first line of defense if you are in need assistance.

Wireless Home Security System

These are just a few simple, smart ways to secure your RV. Use common sense, a little bit of tech, and enjoy traveling the open road!

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