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Our Must Have Travel Items List

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When you love traveling there are a few things that you just have to have. Without these items, it could be chaos and ruin your entire vacation. 

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Our Must-Have Travel Items List


Have you ever tried to travel without a proper suitcase? Everyone in my family gets a suitcase that they can actually use. Luggage is something worth investing in. I prefer to buy in sets of 3 because it’s cheaper! Each person from the family can get their own suitcase and we can save a little bit of money buying them this way! If we’re traveling in the car, we use duffle bags, so we can be a little more flexible with where things go.

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With four kids and traveling, I like to have a backpack of sorts. One that is comfortable to put on my back. I like it to be small enough to carry around but big enough to carry all of our stuff. Traveling can be exhausting. I surely don’t want to carry around everyone’s stuff when we’re out and about.

Comfortable pair of shoes

You don’t even want to try to travel without having a comfortable pair of shoes. That’s one item I don’t mind spending extra money on. If you don’t have good shoes, all the walking you’re about to do on vacation will only harm your feet.

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Electronic organizer

These days, it’s hard to travel without your electronics. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had somewhere to store those electronics? Grab an electronics organizer to help you store all your electronic cords! It’s nice opening it up and everything you need is right there.

A swimsuit

If you’re heading somewhere, travel-wise, most likely you will need a swimsuit. Even if you don’t think you’ll use one, bring one anyway. You never know when you might want to jump in a lake or swim in the hotel pool.

Travel pillow

When it comes to traveling, I always bring my own travel pillow. I love the fact that I don’t have to share head germs with anyone. I have a pillow small enough that I can use every day, but also travel within tight spaces.

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For some reason, I’m constantly forgetting deodorant when I travel. I almost have to add this to the list for myself. No one wants to smell you, while you travel, even family members. I prefer the clear type of deodorant when I travel, but you can grab whatever kind you want. If you’re going on a plane, make sure you get a 3 ounce and nothing bigger. 

Other toiletries

It’s hard to name everything you’ll need toiletry-wise when you travel. However, take a look at what your family uses on a daily basis and bring a smaller version of that. It’s hard to pack a lot of toiletries when you travel, but it’s worth it! If you have little ones, you’ll also want to bring items like diapers and wipes.


What are some more must-have travel items you take with you on the road?

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