15 Family Road Trip Items Gift Guide

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When you strap kids in the car for any length of time you need to need ways to entertain them, same for adults! So these family road trip items are perfect for those who love road trips and families always traveling together! We use many of these items for our travel days while full timing.

Family Road Trips GIft Guide

15 Family Road Trip Items Gift Guide

I am a fan of anything that entertains kid but can also work into our homeschooling while on the road. Though the desks mentioned below are a lifesaver on any car ride even running errands around town!

Route 66 Calendar – This is our calendar and it's a perfect monthly road trip down Route 66! It includes famous stop and some lesser known ones. 

Lego Travel Case – My kids love Legos and being able to take them in the car has been a great way to keep them entertained! This case helps keep them contained in the car.

Scavenger Hunt Card Game for Kids – A great game to keep kids looking out the windows and taking in the area around them. Plus as games make the time go by faster!

Madlibs on the Road – Mad libs are funny and can help keep kids entertained on the road.

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A Car Desk for Adults– For the adults on the trips a nice desk makes reading, writing, games, and tablet time easier. Or in my case working on the computer time easier!

A Car Desk for Kids – A desk for kids actually allows them to color or draw longer because it's easier to do so plus then you tend to have fewer markers or crayons to clean up.

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Car Seat Back Organizer – These organizers are a life saver! This one even has a cooler! Store water, snacks, wipes, napkins, and activities.

Road Trip USA Book – Take the more scenic route and use this book to help plan your next amazing road trip. Take routes to US 17 and Route 66 over the boring old Interstates.


Most Scenic Drives In America – This book has over 120 road trips with the best views and must-see locations! This is a great way to plan your next road trip.

This is My Road Trip Shirt – A super comfy shirt for the long days in the car during that road trip.

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Car / Outdoor Emergency Kit – You always need to be prepared even not on a road trip. This kid has everything for outdoor survival from an emergency blanket to a compass, a knife, and more.

Road Trip Journal – The best part of the trip is the memories you make. Give your kids a journal to record their travels and you should do one as well for your kids to read later on.

Road Trip First Aid Kit – Never fails the kids get excited and start running and one falls and scraps their knee. It happens. Keep a basic first aid in the car and you will be covered for whatever the family throws your way.

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USB Car Charger with 6 Slots– It seems almost all devices use USB cord to charge up now. This charger is amazing. Plug it into the car jack and you can charge six devices. 2 phones, 4 tablets, 6 phones, kindles, and more!

Toddler Car Seat Travel Tray– This toddler travel tray makes it easy for toddlers to play with their toys and play on their tablets, eats snacks and more.


Car Cooler – The car cooler is a must. Pack up your lunch, some snacks, and drinks and you can save a ton of money and keep everyone happy!


What other items can you think of that would be great for a family road trip? Let me know in the comments below.

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Family Road Trip Gift Guide

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