The Best Travel Toys Gift Guide

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When shopping for families that travel a lot (or in our case all the time) knowing what to get them can be hard. But if they have kids trust me when I say getting them travel-friendly toys for the car trips, or plane trips will always be appreciated! This is my list of the best travel toys to gift to your traveling kids!

Girl in sailor hat using binoculers to stare a globe and a boy using a magnifying gladd to stare at globe.

The Best Travel Toys Gift Guide

Ok on to the toys!

Fat Brain Toys Crankity Brain Teaser – This is a great logic builder with gears. My kids have never been so quite as when they break this toy out to get their design working!

Melissa and Doug Tape Activity Workbook – Lot of activities that involve using tape to make designs. It's different than the usual activity books and seems to hold their attention.

Wixi Sticks Molding Stix – I love Wixi Sticks because the kids can make designs and the sticks will stick together, bend and twist. When they are done, they can take it apart and make something else!

Crayola Travel Marker and Notepad – Travel drawing set. They can draw what they see, make cards for each other and more.

ZOOB BuilderZ Travel Activity Set – This travel set is kind of like Legos but a lot more travel-friendly!

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Aqua Doodle Travel Activity Doodle Set – My younger kids, always love doodle pads, they are fun, they can draw erase, draw and erase and repeat.

Alex on the go Travel Desk – This is a great travel desk for the car to draw, play with toys and even do school work on.

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Melissa and Doug Travel Memory Game – The classic memory game is perfect for kids to strengthen their skill, and fun when going into competition with siblings!

Go Fishing Take N Play Memory Game – If you have more than one kid in the car, having games, they can play together will help a lot with keeping them entertained. Just make sure the games are travel-friendly!

Fashion Plates Travel Fashion Designs – Fashionista in your family? This is a great way to help them design clothes on the go! Plus it's super fun.

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Travel Bingo – The classic travel bingo. You just can't beat it, it's fun, and if you add in a prize for the winners, it will keep them well entertained.

The Mom I'm Bored Activity Book – I really love the name of this one! This is a great activity pad for when you hear that dread phrase come out of their mouths. It is also great for when you are waiting at the Dr!

Kids Backseat Organizer and Travel Desk – This is another version of the travel desk but allows a bit more organization as well.

The Everything Kids Travel Book – You can find activity book on just about any subject. We love workbooks because the kids can have fun and get some learning in at the same time.

Kids Kindle Fire – Hear me out on this one. We do have kindles for the kids but think about it. We have limited space and bringing out homeschool stash of books wasn't an option, so we converted them all to ebooks. PLUS with the Kindles, each kid has a FreeTime account, and I can control exactly what books they can read, what games they can play, and what videos they can watch. On top of I can also control how much time they have to spend reading before they can play games, what times they are allowed to be on the tablets and more!

Travel License Plate Game – I loved playing this games on car trips growing up, this is just a more advanced version!


So I want to know what items are on your best travel toys list? Comment below and let me know!

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