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How We do Thanksgiving in an RV

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I want to share how we do traditional things in our not so traditional house. Thanksgiving is one we got a lot of questions on as the time approached. Many people of our family wanted us to join them but since Hubby had to be at work (at the Amazon Camperforce) bright and early making even the shortest drive of 5 hours wasn't a possibility. So we had to think outside the box.

How We do Thanksgiving in an RV

How We do Thanksgiving in an RV

So first let me tell you telling my kids we were NOT going to do school work that day got me some of the famous ‘If looks could kill' looks and some complaining. I was happy that they loved to learn but it was a holiday! I tried to explain and the only response was since there is no school can we stay in our PJs all day? Why not? So we had a PJ day! I started our day with Legos while we watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

How We do Thanksgiving in an RV Legos

Then I snuggled in a read….. yep that right now slaving over the stove no trying to figure out how to cook a Turkey in a tiny oven! How did we manage that and still have a meal that looks like this?

How We do Thanksgiving in an RV Food

We bought our meal at our local Kroger. For about $40 we got a pre cooked turkey, 4 sides, rolls and dessert! Many grocery stores do this, Kroger and Publix I know for sure and I'm sure many other do. You can also Google your town, many restaurants offer a pre cooked take home meal.

So all I had to do was shred our turkey so it fit on our pan to work up in the oven then heat out sides and we were done! It was the most stress free Thanksgiving we have ever had!

How We do Thanksgiving in an RV Kids


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    1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful holiday. Thank goodness Amazon let us out at noon! Enjoy the rest of your time in TN.

    2. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! And buying a meal-to-go is a wonderful way for everyone to have a well deserved break.

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