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How We Find Field Trips for Free

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Traveling on the road you want to do everything and that can get expensive. We passed on a zoo we wanted to go to because it was $70 a person! OUCH! Those attractions add up fast.

How We Find Field Trips for Free

How We Find Field Trips for Free

Now I'm not saying we don't do them at all because we do, we have figured out a way to save money on attractions. Well, we have done it one better and found a way to score some free field trips. Here are my top ways to save.

One of my favorites is an app called Field Trip, (it's free!) It pulls up all sorts of things near you. Our favorites are the historical markers. It's how we put together our Historical Brandon Florida Driving Tour.

Now on to one that I love! I use a site called InstaGC (Instant Gift Card). I watch videos, do some surveys and a few other offers. I earn enough each month to cash out for about $50 in gift cards, and I cash out for Groupon gift cards. I add them to my Groupon account and use them as needed. I have the Groupon App on my phone and use the ‘near me' feature. I find discounts on attractions then use my Groupon Bucks to buy them for free. Many times I can get 50% off admission which is like buy 1 get one free tickets. Then use the Groupon Bucks and we all get in free. I have used this method to get museum and tour tickets almost everywhere we have been. They often have deals on restaurants as well so we can try the local food.

Did you know if you are a disabled veteran you can get a free National Parks Pass? You will get free entry to all national parks, national historical sites and more, that's over 400 locations.
National Parks Pass

Plus you get 50% off camping at national parks campgrounds. Active Duty Military can also get a free pass each year, kids in grade 4 can get a free pass each year and seniors can get a lifetime pass for just $10. We were able to get ours at a national park we visited just had to take in hubby's paperwork from the VA showing his disability, and we got ours on the spot. You can also send away in the mail for it. This saved us $14 on the park we visited that day and can save even more because some parks are $20 or more to enter for the day. Plus we love the 50% off camping option too!

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Last but not least I have a few options I use to stock up my PayPal account to use on other things I can't get for free. My favorite site for this is Swagbucks. I earn points to trade in for gift cards and PayPal payments. I earn points by watching videos, searching the web and even playing games! I wrote about this in my post on The Frugal Navy Wife about how I earn an extra $210 a month in Amazon Gift Cards. Many of these sites you can cash out for PayPal too like Gift Hulk. Gift Hulk works just like Swagbucks, so I double up there!

Looking for more ways to save while traveling? See how we are saving 70% off campgrounds or getting the campgrounds for free!

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