16 Fun Georgia Crafts for Kids and Adults

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We are into our 50 States Unit Study and I'm having as much as the kids are with this! We are working on our Georgia Crafts as we do our reading and movie watching and we have some fun ones this time! 

This is the fun hands-on part of our Georgia Unit Study that my kids love. Use this list of Georgia Crafts for ideas or your kiddos. #ourroaminghearts #georgia #craftsforkids #roadschooling #homeschooling #unitstudy | Georgia Crafts | Crafts for Kids | Unit Study | Georgia Unit Study | Roadschooling | Homeschooling Lessons

16 Fun Georgia Crafts for Kids and Adults


This is the fun hands-on part of our Georgia Unit Study that my kids love. 

We have visited Georgia so many times I love the history of Savannah and the Mountains in Northern Georgia. I also really love all the old Plantation homes around the state!


Popsicle Stick Fort Craft – Along the coast Georgia has so many forts like Fort Pulaski and Fort Frederica

Homemade River – There are many rivers in Georgia you can make your own at home and learn how the rivers work.

Lighthouse Art Work – There are several lighthouses along the Georgia coast including the Tybee Island Lighthouse Museum. 

DIY Coke Cane Succulent Plants – Make your own succulent pants gifts from Coke cans. These are great gifts and since Coca Cola was founded in Atlanta and this is where to Coca Cola Museum is located this is great Georgia Craft. 


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Tissue Paper Rose – I love so much I named one of the girls Rose, so this is one of my favorite Georgia Crafts! The Cherokee Rose also happened to be Georgia state slower so any rose crafts will work! 

Seashells Creatures Craft – Georgia has miles and miles of shoreline where you can find so many amazing shells. Turn those shells into some sure cure critters. 

Watercolor Mountain Craft – Northern Georgia is full mountains so you can learn a bit about the mountains with this watercolor craft. 

Make A Confederate Flag – Georgia was a southern state in the Civil War and the Civil War went right through Atlanta. Learn all about the state's confederate roots. 


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Styrofoam Cityscape – Both Atlanta and Savannah have pretty well know city skylines. Your kids can use those and make their own versions of them with styrofoam. 

Georgia State Plate – You can make a state plate on Georgia with a drawing on the state and some of the state facts. 

Georgia Peach Craft – Georgia is known for its peaches so you have to do a peach craft. 

Color the Georgia Flag – Using this Georgia Flag coloring page you can learn about then flag then cut it out and make a puzzle for a fun match game. 


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Peanut Finger Puppets – The State crop of Georgia is the peanut. There are many uses for peanuts including these fun finger puppets. 

Clothes Pin Bee Craft – The state insect it the Honeybee, because who else is going to pollinate all those peaches?

Whale Craft – The Georgia Aquarium is known for its large Whale Shark exhibit. It's what makes the Aquarium popular!

Olympic Torch Craft – Atlanta was home to the 1996 Olympics and they now have the Centennial Olympic Park dedicated to the event. It is across the street from the Georgia Aquarium and the Coca Cola Museum. 


What are your favorite Georgia Crafts? Did I miss any good ones? Let me know! 

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