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150+ Live Zoo Cameras + Zoo Movies and TV Shows!

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I'm going to say it, being stuck inside sucks. With kids home from school we want to keep them busy and keep them learning! Well, I put this list of over 150 live zoo cameras together. They cover all sorts of animals from ants to elephants. 

With kids home from school we want to keep them learning! Enjoy this list of over 150 live zoo cameras. Watch feeding times and playtimes. #ourroaminghearts #zoocams #homeschool #roadschool #zoo #fieldtrip #virtualfieldtrip | Homeschool Ideas | Roadschool Ideas | Live Zoo Cams | Virtual Field Trips |

150+ Live Zoo Cameras + Zoo Movies and TV Shows!

We can make the whole zoo experience at home fun! There are a few TV shows and movies that the kids will love and they are educational. Let's start with those. 


Zoo Movies and TV shows

Secrets of the Zoo Tampa – Each episode is a behind the scenes at the zoo from animals rescues, like the baby cub who was abandoned by its mother to a Florida panther that was caught in a snare. There are births of penguins and Kolas too!

Dolphin Tale – Learn the story of how CMA saved a dolphin and taught it how to swim without a tail. Based on a true story (and you can see their live cams below!) Also watch Dolphin Tale 2 where winter gets a friend, a baby dolphin who was beached. 


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Gator Boys – The guys help trap problem alligators around Florida and take them back to their park, Everglades Holiday Park. They share their rescues and a lot of info on alligators. 

Wild Inside the National Zoo – Learn about the different animals at the zoo including a baby panda, cheetah and more. 

Crikey! It's the Irwins – Following animal conservation like their father, each episode focuses on helping and animal and is filled with info on the species. Including king cobras, baby giraffes, kangaroos, Rhinos and more. Thre are 2 seasons to enjoy this new show. 

The Zoo San Deigo – Checking out animals at this California zoo and pretty much every episode has a new baby in it! 


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Here are the zoo specific cameras if you are looking for a certain animal scroll down as I have a section of cameras on the most searched for animals. 

Many of these sites have information of the animals under the camera so it's a great lesson!

Clearwater Marine Aquarium (Winter and Hope) – They have 10 different cameras including 4 on Winter and Hope, 2 on their male dolphin Nicholas, an otter cam and a pelican cam. They also have a camera in their rescue hideaway with stingrays, turtles, and fish. The last one is in their turtle rehab center and is only on when they have a patient. 

San Diego Zoo – They currently have 10 live cams and one pre-recorded camera. Animals included are their kolas, baboons, penguins, polar bears, baby apes, giraffe, owls, elephants, tigers, and condors.

Smithsonian National Zoo – Known for the elephant and naked mole-rat cams but they have 4 up and running!

Houston Zoo – The Houston Zoo had 6 popular webcams including giraffes, gorillas, elephant, leaf cutter ants, rhinos, and chimps. 

Maryland Zoo – The Maryland zoo has 5 live zoo cameras. They cover penguins, lions, giraffes, flamingos, and goats. 

Memphis Zoo – They have 3 popular cameras pandas, hippos, and elephants. 

Kansas City Zoo – They have 2 different kinds of penguins cameras, a polar bear, and a giraffe one. 

Woodland Park Zoo – They have cameras for tigers, grizzly bears, and bats. 

Toldeo Zoo – They have 4 animals under 7 different cameras. Their hippos and seal have both a top view and an underwater view. There are two cameras for their polar bears and one for the elephants. 

El Paso Zoo – They have 9 different cameras. 2 of the giraffes, one is for their feedings, 2 on the sea lions one is inside and one is outside. There are 2 on the Siamangs (monkeys) one of which is on their playground and the same for the orangutans. The last camera is on their Meerkats. 

Oakland Zoo – The Oakland zoo has 4 cameras, elephants, sun bears, black bears, and condors. 

Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo – They offer 2 different red panda cameras. 

Pittsburgh Zoo – Their cheetah cam is interactive where you can move it to find the cheetah! But you have to wait your turn in line. 

Earth Cam – They have over 50 cameras set up from all over the world including Antarctica. 

New England Aquarium – I know not a zoo but they are doing live presentations while everything is closed!


giant panda bear eating bamboo

Live Zoo Cam Pandas

These live zoo cameras are all pandas. Mostly Giant Pandas but also a Red Panda!


Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam

Trevor Zoo Red Panta Cam

National Zoo Giant Panda Cam

San Diego Zoo Panda Cam

Wolong Grover China, Giant Pandas

Memphis Zoo Panda Cam

Edinburg Zoo Scottland Panda Cam 


a fantastic and beutiful tiger in a zoo

Live Zoo Cam Tigers

White tigers are actually one of my favorite animals but I love watching them in general. These live zoo cameras are all about the tigers!

Big Cat Rescue Cam (Tampa Florida)

Edinburg Zoo Scottland Tiger Cam

Milwaukee Zoo Tiger Cam

San Diego Safari Zoo Park Tiger Cam

Woodland Park Zoo Tiger Cam



Live Zoo Cam Giraffe

When we were at the Dallas zoo a few years back my kiddos got to feed the giraffes they wrap their tongue around the food it's amazing to watch! You can see them do it on these live zoo cameras. 

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe Cam

Topeka Zoo Giraffe Cam

San Diego Zoo Giraffe Cam

Ried Park Zoo Giraffe Cam

Elmwood Park Zoo Giraffe Cam

Greenville South Carolina Zoo Giraffe Camera

Houston Zoo Giraffe Feeding Platform Live Camera

Maryland Zoo Live Giraffe Camera

Kansas City Zoo Masai Giraffe Cam

El Paso Zoo Giraffe Cam

El Paso Zoo Giraffe Feeding Cam


African lion relaxing

Live Zoo Cam Lions

The king of the jungle of course as their own zoo cameras!

Reid Park Zoon Lion Cam

National Zoo Lion Cam

Big Cat Rescue Lion Camera

Maryland Zoo Lion Cam


Polar Bear walking on blue ice.

Live Zoo Cam Polar Bear

My second favorite animal is the Polar Bear! There is one camera here dedicated to new cubs!

San Diego Polar Bear Cam

Alaska Zoo Polar Bear Camera

Kansas City Zoo Polar Bear Cam

Ouwehand Park Polar Bear Cubs in Rhenen, Netherlands

Toledo Zoo Polar Bear Cam


Portrait of group of king penguns

Live Zoo Cam Penguins

The penguins! These are my kids' favorite live zoo cameras

Monterey Bay Penguin Cam

San Diego Penguin Cam

Maryland Zoo Penguin Cams

Georgia Aquarium Penguin Camera

Kansas City Zoo Penguin Cam


What are your favorite live zoo cameras to watch? My 2 years old is addicted to the penguins right now! We got in on one of their feeding times and every time one jumped out of the water she laughed so hard!

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