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Top 12 Best Christmas Towns in USA

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Christmas is right around the corner and I am excited! From time to time, you will see us visit a festive town around the holidays! After all, traveling is in our blood and we LOVE Christmas! If you’re looking for the best towns to visit for Christmas, then I have some of the most AWESOME towns to introduce you to!

If you’re looking for the best Christmas towns in USA, then I have some of the most AWESOME towns to introduce you to! Get ready for Christmas cheer! #christmas #christmaslights #ourroaminghearts #bestchristmastowns | Christmas | Best Christmas Towns in the USA | Christmas Light Shows

Top 12 Best Christmas Towns in USA

McAdenville, NC also known as Christmas Town USA

Christmas Town USA is well known to a lot of people and that’s because they know how to put on a holiday display that just cannot be missed. You will find at least 265 trees covered in Christmas lights!

It doesn’t cost anything to visit this town if you’re in it for the Christmas lights and festivities.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

One of the best towns in Michigan is Frankenmuth, especially around the holidays. Everywhere you look you will see beautiful light displays, decorated houses, and more.

In this town, you will also discover the world’s largest Christmas store.


Leavenworth, WA Christmas

Leavenworth, WA

Looking for an amazing Christmas town to visit? Leavenworth, Washington is a place everyone wants to visit. Want to know why? There is 21 miles of pure Christmas beauty in this town.

It’s hard to get enough of the lights and Christmas music, and concerts.


Branson Christmas
Photo courtesy of the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau

Branson, Missouri

If you haven’t been to Branson, Missouri around the holidays, make this the year you do so. This town is pretty in SO many ways! This town has Christmas parades, light shows, and so many other festivities, you just don’t want to miss out.


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Woodstock Vermont

A lot of us have heard of Vermont in HGTV magazines. It’s a beautiful place to visit during the non-holiday season. It’s even more amazing to visit during the Christmas holidays.

Listen to carolers and watch for those beautiful decorations displayed everywhere.


Jackson, Wyoming Christmas
Large elk antler arches curve over Jackson Hole, Wyoming's square's four corner entrances. The antlers have been there since the early 1960s, and new arches are currently assembled to replace them.

Jackson, Wyoming

Can’t you just picture this beautiful town close to the Titans? Antler Arches wrapped in beautiful Christmas lights is just the beginning. You won’t be able to get enough of the unique Christmas decorations on display in this town.


Asheville at Christmas

Asheville, North Carolina

Another beautiful town that we actually got the chance to visit is Asheville, North Carolina. I can just picture the Biltmore Mansion dressed up for the holidays.

The mountains make for an even better Christmas scenery! You will see ribbons, garland, and so much more when you visit this town for the upcoming holidays.

Pure holiday bliss is what you will discover here. Plus they have the National Gingerbread Competition and is much Christmas fun at Crowne Plaza Asheville.


Helen, Georgia Christmas
Helen, Georgia, USA – View of the Main street with Christmas decorations in a bright sunny day

Helen, Georgia

As you drive through Helen, Georgia, you’re going to experience this town neighboring the Blue Ridge Mountains. Put Christmas decor and mountains together and you get one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You may want to add Helen, Georgia to your list of places to visit.


Delray Beach, Florida

You might think that Florida doesn’t partake in the holiday festivities, but they do! If you’re close to Delray Beach, then you need to check this town out.

Toy trains, decorated trees, and endless Christmas decor are what you’re going to find here.


Pigeon Forge Christmas
Photo Credit: My Pigeon Forge

Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

I put these two together because the towns are right next to each other and you can't visit one without seeing the other!

We use to go here when I was a kid and from ice skating or all the Christmas lights and shows, the snow on the mountains it is by far one of the most peaceful places you will ever see even with the tourists!

Then you have Dollywood who goes all out for the holiday too!


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Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus, Indiana

Any town named after Santa Claus has to live up to its name. Santa Claus, Indiana is so full of Christmas magic. There are even letters that get delivered to Santa Claus in this town.

Why not have your kids write a letter? America’s Christmas Hometown awaits you!

North Pole Alaska

Christmas all year long. They really play up the name with candy cane and decor and it looks best at Christmas with the snow! You can take part in their letters from Santa and even visit Santa's house!


Would you add any towns to the Best Christmas Towns in USA list? Let us know in the comments below!

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