19 Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona

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Traveling to Phoenix is always a ton of fun, especially when you get to explore as an adult! I’d say that Phoenix has some of the best “free” stuff to do. Whether you’re traveling to this awesome town as a single person or with the whole family, you’re going to find lots to do with these free things to do in Pheonix

Phoenix has some of the best “free†stuff to do. Traveling single or with the whole family, find lots to do with these free things to do in Pheonix. #phoenix #arizona #ourroaminghearts #freethingstodo |

19 Free Things to do in Phoenix Arizona

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Heard Museum Want to know more about the culture of Phoenix? Want to get a closer look at the art available?  You can get free general admission every First Friday. They have tons of art exhibits, plus various events happening throughout the week.

Head to downtown Phoenix – Every big city has something to offer downtown, especially Phoenix. It doesn’t cost you a dime to walk the streets of this fabulous city!

Roosevelt Row Arts District – If seeing art up close and personal makes you happy, then you need to check out this free thing to do in Phoenix.

Pipe Cactus, Blue Flowers, Desert Botanical Garden Papago Park Sonoran Desert Phoenix Arizona

Desert Botanical Garden – Seeing the beauty, even in the desert is possible with this amazing garden in Phoenix. You can get into this garden for free every Wednesday from 3 PM and 9 PM. Stay tuned because they offer free admission possibilities at other times too.

Check out the free water features – You can’t visit the desert without seeing water displayed in some way shape or form. If you’d like to see some water in action, then go ahead and check out CitySpace or Scottsdale Quarter.

Check out the hiking trails – Don’t even bother coming to Phoenix, if you’re not going to get a little hiking in. There are endless hiking options in this city! Here is an extensive list, but I want to name some you don’t want to miss out on –

  • South Mountain Park and Reserve
  • Canal Trails
  • Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

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First Fridays of Phoenix – A fun activity to explore in Phoenix are First Fridays. While there are things you can pay for, like shopping and dining, you can also enjoy the free parts like walking, exploring, and window shopping.

Check out the Phoenix Library – Every town we visit, we have to stop at the Library! It’s always free and each library has its own history and culture.

Take a Free Tour of the Stuffington Bear Factory – Getting to see how things work behind the scenes is always pretty awesome!

Mesa Arts Center – Whether you want to take a class or just get to know more about the arts, the Mesa Arts Center is where you need to be. Plus, there are free events happening all the time, just make sure you check out the calendar.

Goldfield Ghost Town Phoenix Arizona

Goldfield Ghost Museum – This is an activity you can do for free on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to see the Old West in action then this is your opportunity. Check out this walkthrough of the Goldfield Ghost town.

Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon – Do you want to see a place that has so much beauty you won’t be able to believe it? Take the time to visit Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon. This is a trail to behold! While you can bring the whole family, just make sure you pack enough water as the trail is long. Also, the only restrooms are located at the trailhead, so make sure you make a stop.

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South Mountain Park – Another beautiful park in the great city of Phoenix is South Mountain Park. This park has more than 16,000 acres and is natural beauty to behold. You will find more than 51 trails for hiking, it’s quite amazing.

Arizona Capitol Museum – Technology, hands-on activities, and more await you at the Arizona Capitol Museum. There are lots of educator resources, bus tours, museum tours, historical artifacts and more.

The Phoenix Art Museum – Want to see more art in action? The Phoenix Art Museum is free from 3 PM to 9 PM every Wednesday.

Free Things to do in Phoenix - Tonto National Forest

Tonto National Forest – Free to drive around there are some amazing views around the mountains and rivers.

Phoenix Police Museum – The history of the policemen and women in Phoenix. The museum covers over 130 years of history and even has some interactive exhibits.

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Wall of Road Signs – This is a phot worthy stop for sure. Take your picture next to the road signs that celebrate Arizona 100th birthday.

USS Arizona Anchor and Mast – Salvaged from the USS Arizona that was sunk in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, signifying America joining WWII.

When it comes to Phoenix, be prepared to have an amazing time. You can count on your trip being low cost if you take advantage of all these free things to do in Phoenix.

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