5 Things I Wish I Brought to Disney World: Must Haves for 2024

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Packing for Walt Disney World is not difficult. It's actually a lot of fun. I think it is.

For me, it's about dreaming of all the things we'll do on the trip and what we will need in order to do them as well as Disney accessories to make it even more fun!

It's almost like a little preview of what's to come. However, some packing items may get missed, and I have forgotten/completely neglected to bring certain items on more than one occasion.

These are the 5 things I wish I brought to Disney World at one time or another. Remember these when you think about what to pack for Disney World.


They'll have bottled water when you get there, but you are going to have to pay. It's no surprise that cold beverages at Disney World, like bottled Dasani water and other Coca-Cola products, are $ plus tax each time you purchase them.

Since it's important to stay hydrated while you're walking around all day in the sun, this is a substantial blow to your vacation budget.

You can ask for free ice water at quick-service locations, but a better solution is to buy a pallet at home and bring it on the trip with you.

Store your bottles in the guest room fridge or freeze them to slowly thaw over the next day at the park. That way it's ready for you whenever you leave for the day.

Sun Screen

This is not something you want to go without, but if you think the mark-up for water is outrageous don't go shopping for sunscreen in the hotel gift shop.

Although the hotels have every convenience you could need in an emergency, it's best to plan ahead. Forgetting sunscreen will ruin your vacation after one day.

I have made the mistake not once, but twice of forgetting sunscreen and having to pay for it at the hotel. Never again!


This is another important item not to forget because your whole trip may depend on it.

Travel is stressful. Whether you are prone to headaches or not, you don't want to be suffering from one during your very expensive vacation.

It's essential that you keep a bottle of your favorite pain reliever handy. If you don't you will regret missing out on wonderful moments.

Again it's something you can buy when you get there, but why kick yourself for it when you can just bring it along and deal with headaches and muscle pains as they arise.

Yes, I slipped muscle pains in there, too. Did I mention you are going to be walking all day for several days?

This is one of the biggest things I wish I brought to Disney World those times when it slipped my mind. Oh, by the way, that brings me to my next facepalm moment…

Comfortable Shoes

You have got to bring comfortable shoes! You need them. Bring insoles too.

Just don't buy new shoes and forget to break them in. You should start wearing new shoes a couple of weeks before you visit Walt Disney World.

You really should also start practice-walking and doing outdoor activities to (sort of) train for Walt Disney World.

I know Disney World has marathons, but just being a guest at Walt Disney World can feel like you're in a marathon.

You need good walking shoes if you want to be nice to yourself on vacation.


Here's another big one you might not think about. It's one of the things I wish I brought to Disney world the first time.

Magic Bands make purchases super convenient and most of your charges will be through systems that already contain your credit card number such as your hotel and Uber.

However, there are times when it will be appropriate to tip a driver or hotel staff. In these situations, you won't be able to put it on your room bill, so have cash handy if you want to be able to tip your bellhop or Magical express driver.

Most Disney Cast Members are not supposed to take tips, but some welcome them. It has to do with how Disney classifies them for tax purposes.

If you want to avoid uncomfortable situations It's best to have enough cash available to be able to tip those employees, or bring other cute ways to pixie dust the cast to thank them for their efforts.

Overall a successful Disney trip is not based on checking off every box for a packing list, but these things would have helped overcome issues and make the trip easier!

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