Best Disney World Breakfast Locations: Top Picks for 2022

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When you go to a Disney park, the last thing that may be on your mind is breakfast. It's understandable.

You have so much to do and you want to beat the lines for all the best attractions. That may be why so many restaurants within the theme parks don't open until lunchtime.

However, since you are living at Walt Disney World 24/7 (give or take) you're going to have to eat breakfast eventually.

You can prepare your own in your villa, or you can grab a quick bite somewhere like Sleepy Hollow, or Starbucks.

However, The comfort and leisure of a good table service meal for breakfast may be your favorite way to start the day. I know I have a few favorite places for that.

My picks for best Disney World breakfast have changed with recent suspensions and closures, but here is where I recommend you go.

Garden Grill

This, in some ways, is my ultimate choice for breakfast at Walt Disney World.

It's a family-style meal at one of the best pavilions in Future World. The Land pavilion at EPCOT does the best job of propping up the theme of future living.

It's all about growing food and you get to tour the various greenhouses that supply many of the restaurants in Walt Disney World.

Garden Grill is the ultimate farm-to-table experience. While lunch and dinner menus feature more produce, This relaxing restaurant is a lovely way to start your day and enjoy a hearty breakfast.

This restaurant also features lunch and dinner menus with characters which is a plus if you have kids, or just like hobnobbing with Mickey and his pals Chip and Dale on the farm.

Whispering Canyon

I love, love, love Whispering Canyon. And I'm not the only one.

It's one of the best reviewed Disney World restaurants on Tripadvisor. It's a little table service restaurant in Wilderness Lodge, but you don't need to be a hotel guest to enjoy the restaurant.

If you are visiting from another resort, however, it's a bit of a journey by bus or by water.

Wilderness Lodge is a tucked away deluxe resort on Bay Lake which is connected to the Seven Seas Lagoon in the Magic Kingdom area.

This restaurant features fantastic skillet meals and silly antics from the wait staff (just ask for some ketchup to see what we mean, or watch kids and adults alike compete in stick horse races).

The rustic atmosphere and the wilderness surroundings on the resort grounds are an added plus.

Mickey's Kitchen (Chef Mickey's)

Just a warning: Chef Mickey's does not have the best food, but it is one of the best Disney World breakfast spots if visiting with kids.

The real reason you go to Chef Mickey's is the characters. And what makes this location convenient is that you don't need to have a park ticket to enjoy it.

That means that you can have a leisurely breakfast with characters and not have it interfere at all with park plans if you want it that way.

That's a really big bargaining chip that makes this restaurant a good option despite having only so-so food.

Trattoria Al Forno

Pre COVID this was probably the best Disney World breakfast location all around because of the Bon Voyage Breakfast.

That was the Storybook Dining experience that kicked off a whole new trend in character meals.

It's temporarily suspended, but in the meantime, Trattoria Al Forno offers a new breakfast menu that is even better than the character-inspired one from the Bon Voyage days.

You'll find this restaurant on Disney's Boardwalk just a five-minute walk from EPCOT.

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