The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Travelers

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Do you love to travel? Is your idea of a great time a spur of the moment road trip or even the most well-planned vacation? If so, why not create a traveling summer bucket list? Creating a summer bucket list is a great way to make sure you get in all the travel adventures you can. Look below at the ultimate summer bucket list for travelers, so you can craft a traveling summer bucket list to help you make the most of your desire to see the world!

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Travelers

1. Collect magnets from each state or place you visit. Find a fun way to display them. We recently started to do this!

2. Send yourself a postcard from each place you visit. Store them in a keepsake binder. I love using this wood photo clip stands to display them around the house!

3. Leave a small trinket at each place you visit. This can be a stone with your initials or some other small object. Rock painting kits are all the rage right now.

4. Throw a dart at a map to decide where you will go next.

5. Ask a local about the best place to eat. Find a small, hole in the wall eatery and give it a try. This is one of our favorite things to do when we arrive somewhere new!

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6. Find a new adventure using Groupon. This way you can see more and save money!

7. Check with your airline to see about upgrading to first class. Sometimes if seats are open they will allow you.

8. Make a new friend on an airplane or train. Keep in touch if possible.

9. Keep a journal. Write about your adventures, the people you have met, or sketches of the things you have seen.

10. Make a point to try the best BBQ/Ice Cream/Drink of choice at each location you visit.

11. Visit the local visitor’s bureau for each place you visit. This is a great way to find activities and even coupons for local attractions.

Acadia National Park Bar Harbor Maine

12. Visit as many National Parks as possible. They are inexpensive to visit and so very scenic! Don't forget to get your kids their Junior Ranger badges as well!

13. If you can’t afford hotels, try staying at campgrounds. They are inexpensive and scenic.

14. Check out the theme parks located in your various states of travel.

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15. See how many kinds of license plates you can spot while you travel.

16. Honk the horn and even toss some confetti each time your road trip brings you into a new state.

17. Visit the places your parents/grandparents were born.

18. Check out sites of historic interest such as The White House, Mount Rushmore, or Mount Vernon.

19. Eat at the diners featured on television shows and cooking shows.

20. Have a favorite movie? See if you can visit the locations in which it was filmed.

21. Find out if the state you visit has any unusual claims to fame. If so, visit the famous site.

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22. Treat yourself to a five-star hotel even if it is just for one night. Take advantage of all it has to offer.

23. Enjoy an outdoor spa, mud pit, healing waters, or other outdoor health attraction.

Yellowstone Scenic Drives Bison 1

24. Visit an animal sanctuary and enjoy all of the wildlife it has to offer.

25. Photograph any endangered or unusual animals you see on your travels.

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26. Create a mini scrapbook for each of your travels so you can always look back and reminisce.

27. Leave a Facebook review for the businesses you visit on your travels.

28. Find out the official flower of each state you visit. See if you can locate it as you travel.

29. Take a map from each state you visit. Add it to your scrapbook or travel collections.

30. Enjoy a picnic at a rest stop. Take the time to catch up on pamphlets to learn about area attractions.

31. Instead of picking a location to visit, just pick a direction and go!

32. Take a trip with no agenda. Just see where the trip takes you and enjoy it.

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33. Travel on a one-way ticket. See what adventures you can get into!

34. Have a local cabbie or driver give you a tour of all there is to see in the town you are visiting.

35. Use a free concierge service to find area events and attractions.

36. Order room service. You deserve to be treated for once!

37. Stay at a bed and breakfast. They offer a unique and cozy experience that can’t be beaten.

38. Try using AirB&B. This is a cheap way to travel, meet new people, and see new things.

39. Stop at yard sales as you travel. See what fun trinkets you can find.

40. Meet up with one of your friends you have met via Facebook or the internet. A real-life meeting can be a memorable time!


Are you ready to start traveling and making your travel dreams come true? Consider crafting the ultimate summer bucket list for travelers just like you see here. Happy traveling!

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