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Must See Grand Tetons National Park Scenic Drives

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No matter what stretch of pavement you decide to take through Grand Tetons National Park, you are in for a treat. Each road has unique beautiful views while offering different wildlife and wildflower viewing opportunities. Here’s a look at some of the scenic drives that you can hit while traveling this magnificent park. 

No matter what stretch of pavement you decide to take, you are in for a treat. Here’s a look at some of the Grand Teton National Park scenic drives. #grandtetons #nationalpark #scenicdrive #ourroaminghearts #wyoming | Wyoming | Grand Tetons National Park | National Parks | Scenic Drives | Grand Tetons

Must See Grand Teton National Park Scenic Drives


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Teton Park Road
Teton Park Road

Teton Park Road

One of the best scenic drives in all of the Grand Tetons is Teton Park Road. When you reach the sage flats, you’ll witness the Grand Tetons in all their splendor. This road will lead you to Jenny Lake, which offers many water activities including fishing, kayaking, and sailing. If you catch the park on a peaceful day, the Tetons’ reflection on Jenny Lake is incredible. 

Check out the drive, in this video below


Buffalo Valley Road

This partially paved stretch of road is just to the east of Moran, Wyoming, and has several great spots to capture the Buffalo Fork River with the Grand Tetons off on the horizon. The Buffalo Valley Road has several trailheads great for hiking and is a great scenic road to spot wildlife and fields of wildflowers. 

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Jenny Lake in Teton National Park
Jenny Lake Overlook

Jenny Lake Loop

The Jenny Lake Loop is only a 5 mile, one-way road, but takes you past many breath-taking views in a short amount of time. Here you will come across the Cathedral Group Tetons as well as the gorgeous Jenny Lake. You can even ride a mountain bike to some great hiking trails that you can access on the Jenny Lake Loop. 

See the Jenny Lake Loop drive in the video below.

Moose Wilson Road

Moose Wilson Road is a 7-mile road that travels along the Snake River. It’s a great road to spot not only moose but bears, mountain lions, and other exciting wildlife. Don’t worry, this road also has beautiful spots to pull over and see the Grand Tetons as well.   The Phelps Lake trailhead access is located along this road. 

Signal Mountain
Signal Mountain Lodge

Signal Mountain Road

You don’t want to miss out on driving through the summit of Signal Mountain. The Signal Mountain Road is a 5-mile winding road that will take you past valleys. Make sure you get out at this point and keep your eyes peeled for all the wildlife down in the valley. It’s a humbling experience in the summit, where you’re surrounded by towering mountains. This road is not open during the winter season.

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John Rockafeller Highway

Rockefeller Parkway

If you’re planning on knocking out two birds with one stone in national park visits, this road is for you. The Rockefeller Parkway is an epic drive that will take you from Yellowstone National Park and into the Grand Tetons National Park. There are hundreds of places to stop and see wildlife and take gorgeous photos of the surrounding scenery. 

Grand Teton National Park Sign South Entrance 191g

Highway 191

Highway 191 is a heavily-traveled stretch of asphalt due to the amazing views and access to several great pitstops along the way. It’s also the Grand Tetons National Park main highway that visitors take to get there. You can break off from it to run into rivers and lakes with the mountains in the backdrop, making many jaw-dropping photographs.  

Morman Row Barn in Grand Teton Mountains

Mormon Row

Known for the famous barn picture with the Tetons in the background this is still a very popular stop with many more buildings then just the barn and all have amazing mountain views. 

You can see Moron Row Drive in the videos below. 

Grassy Lake Road

Located between Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons is Grassy Lake Road. This rustic 49 miles stretch of road will take you through the wilderness and has several trailheads that branch off toward majestic waterfalls. If you enjoy fishing, the Grassy Lake Reservoir is filled with rainbow, lake trout, and cutthroat.  

Momon Row Antalope Flatts

Kelly WY & Antelope Flats 

The Kelly WY & Antelope Flats has stops along the way that will make you feel like you’re in the wild west. You will come across the famous Mormon Row; old homestead historic barns, along with pronghorns, moose, and bison. 

Gros Ventre Road

The Gros Ventre Road will take you to great camping spots, trails, forests, and many great activities. It will take you into the heart of the park with fields of wildflowers with the mountains toward the top of the hill. If you’re a backcountry hiker, there’s an adventure awaiting you just off the beaten path. 

These are several great scenic drives to endeavor on when you visit the Grand Tetons National Park. If you’ve visited on these drives before, tell us about your experience. What is your favorite Grand Teton National Park scenic drive?

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