15 Fun Tennessee Crafts for Kids

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When we are doing our Tennessee Unit Study I like to mix in fun crafts for the kids. It gets them hands-on. This is a great time to read a read out loud book to them about the state. These are my top Tennessee Crafts for our unit study! 

These are my top Tennessee Crafts for our unit study! Some crafts are on the state itself, others are different animals, people, and locations across Tennessee. #tennessee #ourroaminghearts #craftsforkids #tennesseeunitstudy #roadschooling | Roadschooling | Tennessee Unit Study | Easy Crafts for Kids | Learning about Tennessee

15 Fun Tennessee Crafts for Kids

Some crafts are on the state itself but others are on different animals, people, and locations from across Tennessee. You may find your child is really interested in a certain part of Tennessee. Check out Pinterest for even more crafts for them! 

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Bear Craft from Carrots are Orange – This craft can be made into a black bear craft for all the black bears found in the Smoky Mountains. 

Popsicle Stick Train Craft from Glued to My Crafts Blog – Take the Christmas theme off this craft and it's perfect for all the trains down in Chattanooga. 

Guitar Craft from Instructables – Since Nashville is Music City this Guitar Craft is perfect to start your music skills on! I think it fits since they have painted guitars all across town!

Black Bear Fork Painting Craft from Thrifty Fun – Another fun black bear craft using forks to paint this one. It looks like a lot of fun! 

Jazz Craft from Paper and Glue – This craft is paint and glitter and a perfect tribute to Memphis Tennessee. 

Elvis Craft from Craft Gawker – This is a really fun Elvis Presley craft that is perfect when learning about his home in Memphis Tennessee.

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Farm Animal Windsocks from Buggy and Buddy – Farming is one of the largest industries in Tennessee and this is a great way to do some animal learning too! 

Salt Dough State Craft from Education – Make the state of Tennessee from salt dough. This is a great way to get your kids hands on about the state. While they are making their state you can quiz them on the border states!

Tissue Paper Turtle Craft from Fireflies and Mudpies – Since you are learning that the Tennessee state reptile is the box turtle this turtle craft if a thing for the kids to do while you read them about the box turtle. 

Firefly Craft from Buggy and Buddy – Since the firefly is the Tennessee state insect this is a fun craft to do and then you can add visiting the Synchronized fireflies in the Smoky Mountain State Park to you list of things to see. 

If you are lucky enough to have fireflies, where you live, go out that night and catch some!

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Cereal Box Aquarium Craft from The Best Ideas for Kids – The Tennessee Aquarium is in Chatanooga and then the Ripleys Aquarium in the Smokies is in Gatlinburg and both are big attractions! 

Cotton Ball Penguin Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun – The Ripleys Aquarium of the Smokies Mentioned above is known for the Penguin exhibit! 

Great State Plates from Sensational Social Studies – This is a great informational paper plate activity that will go great with learning the state facts. See all the different versions and pick your favorite. 

Watercolor Snowy Mountain Craft from Glued to My Craft Blog – Since the Smoky Mountains are a big part of East Tennessee this is a good craft while learning about them. 

Torn Paper Flag Craft from Mama Jenn – This craft is done on the United States Flag but can easily be done with the Tennessee State flag while your kids learn about the flag history! 

These are just some of my favorite Tennessee Crafts for kids that fit great in our unit study. Did you find any others you loved? Let us know in the comments below. 

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