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How to Get Discounted SeaWorld Tickets + Other Budget Tips

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It is hard to plan a vacation to San Antonio, San Diego, or Orlando that does not include going to SeaWorld. Getting SeaWorld tickets is amazing! Whether you are a kid or an adult, watching the animals frolic around and swim right up next to you is thrilling. It is hard to go to the Sea Lions Live show and not laugh at the antics of Clyde and Seymour.

Discounted SeaWorld Tickets

Watching in sheer wonderment happens daily over at the One Ocean show with the killer whales. Even with a day of awesomeness, the price tag for all that fun is sometimes hard to swallow. Going to a theme park is not cheap and can easily break the bank. Here are some tips on how to visit SeaWorld on a Budget including some discount SeaWorld tickets.

How to Get Discounted SeaWorld Tickets + Budget Tips

Carpool & Lunch

Before you step up to get your SeaWorld tickets, make sure you carpool as it costs $15 to park at SeaWorld. Unless you are a season pass holder you will have to pay the fee unless you are able to have someone drop you off. One of the good things though with driving is that you can pack a picnic lunch to leave in your car.

Food costs about $8 per person in the park and if you have sandwiches, chips, and snacks in your car you can easily have a car picnic when you get hungry. If you have food allergies or are on a special diet, you are allowed to bring that food into the park. Those people that need to eat gluten-free can find some snacks at the concession to fit your diet.



Bring a Water Bottle

Bring a water bottle into the park and refill it as needed. You can’t bring in flavored drinks but you can bring in those little packets to drop into your water bottle once inside. Speaking of drinks, if you must get a drink inside the best deal is to buy a souvenir cup for $9.99 so then you can get $1 refills for the rest of your stay or pay for unlimited refills.

This is what we did and all just shared it saved a ton of money. If you are a beer drinker you can get a pilsner glass filled for only $9.50 and refills are then $7.50.

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Discount SeaWorld Tickets

The biggest expense is always going to be the tickets. Ticket sales are what fund the majority of SeaWorld’s budget and help to feed the animals and pay the thousands of workers that SeaWorld employees.

If you are a resident of the state, buy an annual resident pass as it pays for itself after two visits and it comes with free parking. One of the most helpful things is that they allow you to make small monthly payments to make this option affordable.

If you work for a large corporation ask your HR department if they have discounted tickets available. There are some travel agents that also come across discounted tickets from time to time.

If you are a blogger then reach out to the PR department at SeaWorld to see if you qualify to review the park on your blog.

Also, check the website for any deals they are doing. Generally, they will run different sales!

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San Diego CA SeaWorld Tickets

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Also, consider a SeaWorld Orlando Multi Pass,  as they also have Bush Gardens Under their umbrella and a few water parks.

When planning a day at SeaWorld, make sure to think of the things that are the biggest expenses: Tickets, parking, and food. If you tackle each one of these and come up with ideas on how to reduce the cost you can make SeaWorld an affordable vacation.

Go for the whole day and spend quality time at each exhibit and enjoy learning more about the wonders of the sea.

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