14 Tiny Home Kits You Can Literally Order Online from Amazon

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Did you know you can buy tiny home kits on Amazon?! Tiny homes are becoming all the rage lately. These homes are perfect for minimalists because they are exactly as they sound, tiny. They are even great for people who spend much of their time at work, or traveling, and very little time at home. 

I have seen many RVers transition into these tiny home kits because they are used to the small space and don't have a lot of stuff they need around them. These cozy homes are becoming so popular, that there is even a market for them on Amazon! Here are links to 16 different tiny home kits to check out!

#1. Eagle Vista – This is a 2 story home with 4 possibly 5 bedrooms! Lots of space! One room makes a perfect office if not needed. Oh, and it comes with free shipping!

#2. Timber Frame Cabin – 725 square feet this rustic cabin is 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. 

#3. Ranger Kit CabinIf you love conserving energy, this is the perfect tiny home! The sloped roof is ideal for solar panels. Plus shipping is free! PS I just love the loft bedroom!

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#4. Shipping Container – Did you even know this is a thing? Shipping containers turned homes! There will be no need to hunt down small furnishings for this shipping container style home, as it comes fully furnished, with heating and air conditioning as well.

#5. Container Home – You will be surprised when you step inside this shipping container! It has everything your average tiny home needs, including a bathroom, and a kitchen.

#6. Allwood Bella Cabin – If you enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning, this tiny home is for you! The deck wraps around two sides, for an extra large area to plop down in your favorite outdoor chairs.

#7. Barn Style – This adorable barn style mini home includes a fun loft and gives you the freedom to choose where to access it from.

#8. Allwood Timberline Cabin You can customize this cute home by adding or subtracting the number of rooms it has and you can even request different room sizes.

#9. Ultimate Vacation Home – How beautiful is this 1 bedroom 1 bath home? They have it described as a vacation home but it's just downright beautiful. 

#10. Eagle Point Cabin This tiny home is more spacious than most, thanks to the second level, which provides an extra bedroom, as well as a larger master bedroom.

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#11. The KemahHigh Ceilings and an open concept will make you forget that this is even a tiny home.

#12. Arlanda Garden Home – This quaint little house just needs a bathroom partitioned off to become a cozy home to call your own.

#13. Sommersby – This cute garden house is outfitted with French doors to give it a more sophisticated feel.

#14. Lakeview Cabin KitYou are free to make additions and changes to this cabin as you please, as the interior is completely open.

There you have it, 16 tiny home kits you can order on Amazon right now. Which one would you choose first?

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