29 Perfect Gifts for Full Time RVing

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If you have a family member or friends that is currently full time rving and you aren't sure what to get them as a gift I can promise you they will love any of the items below!

Gift Guide for Full Time Rving

29 Perfect Gifts for Full Time RVing

Instant Pot – This makes the top of the list for good reasons. RVers are raving about it (myself included) it can take the place of your slow cooker, electric skillet, rice cooker, and more in one item. Plus you can cook frozen food to ready in an hour or less!

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Collapsible Colanders – Anything collapsible saves space and saving space in the kitchen is a must!

Nesting Cookware – This is a full pot and pan set but it sits inside each other and only takes up the space of one pot.

NutriBullet – While I don't have one person so many RVers swear but theirs!

Nesting  Bowls and Measuring Cups – THe same as the nesting cookware, it saves so much space!

Snapware Containers – May RVers use these in the cabinets it keeps food fresh and fro spilling and even saves space.

Spice Gripper Clips -These hold your spices and attach them to the back of a cabinet door. So they don't take up cabinet space.

Rolling Dish Rack – We love this one! It has helped extend our counter space, help with drying dishes, and more!

Stove Top Cutting Board from Ikea – This one is a gold mine! Cutting board and countertop in one! Gain space over your stove when not in use.

Single Cup Coffee Machine – I tried the whole instant coffee thing. Let's just say no go. This will allow you to have your coffee and drink it too!

Berkey Water Filter – When traveling from location to location the water quality changes which can cause taste changes. I love that with this filter we never get that the quality is the same no matter where we are!

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Oxygenics Shower Head – There is no reason you can't have a good shower when on the go!

Portable Dehumidifier – Moisture in the air isn't good in a small space like an RV! These are some of the best ways to combat it!

Space Saving Clothes Hangers – Space is at a premium and we learned the hard way the bulky cheap plastic hanger takes up a lot of space!

Cascading Hangers – These cascading hangers also help add space to your small closet!

Command Strips – Anything we hang up on the walls of our RV we use the heavy-duty command strips. If they can't hold the item up it really shouldn't go on your RV wall!

Collapsible Dish Drainer – Another dish drainer that easily fits out of the way.

Collapsible Mixing Bowl – Another way to save space in your kitchen.

Collapsible Measuring Cups – OK let me just say anything collapsible is a good thing for full-time RVing!

Space Saver Vacuum Zip Bags – These are great to store things you don't use all the time like jackets and spare sheets.

RV Awning Shade Kit -Make your time outdoors just a little better with this screen shade.

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Sorry for What I Said While We Were Trying To Park The Camper Shirt – This is so us!!

Collapsible Trash Can – Again collapsible. Enough said.

RV Skylight and Vent Insulator – these help keep the RV cool in the summer and warm in the winter and easy to remove as needed.

Collapsible Bucket – Again see the trend?

Anyone of the fulltime RV Memberships we recommend would be a great gift too.

A Groupon gift certificate so they can get a discount on tickets to attractions across the country.

Get them a Gas Gift Card you can never go wrong with a gift card for gas!


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Looking for even more full time RVing gift ideas? Check out our huge list of gift guides! We have a little something for everyone.


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