Our New Plan With Amazon CamperForce!

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Our New Travel Plans with Amazon Camperforce

Our New Plan With Amazon Camperforce!

Update:: Since this post was published we have worked 2 seasons with Amazon Camperforse you can read our first experience in Murfreesboro Tennessee and our second experience in Haslet Texas.

So I want to fill you guys in on our new plans! Right now we are down in Florida (sweating our butts off!) visiting family and getting some things taken care of. We were trying to figure out just what we wanted to do. We decided to do the Amazon Camperforce program. We applied for the spot in Murfreesboro TN and got it! We start Sept 11th! If you will be there we would love to hear from you and meet up!

So what is the Camperforce program? Well as the holiday season kicks into full gear some locations of Amazon need help keeping upThat'sts where they bring in RVers like us! They pay for our campground while we are there. For us that is Sept 11th – December 23rd! PLUS they pay $10.75 an hour. This is a great way to save up some money for travel!

Their shifts are simple (4) 10 hour shifts a week with 3 days off. During peak season they will allow you to work up to 60 hours over time. PLUS if you stay until they release you (December 23rd) you get a bonus of $1 for every hour worked!

We are excited because the campground we will be at is right near Nashville! So on days off I'm sure you know where we will be! I love the TN area so I'm excited to check it out!

So where does this leave our traveling? We will leave TN on Dec 23 and come back here to Fl to spend Christmas with Family and decide what we want to do then. My dad is looking at opening a 2nd shop for his business Smoky Mountain Handmade Candles. They currently have 1 shop in Englewood Fl on Dearborn street. If he opens the 2nd shop will hang around and help him set up.

Smoky Mountain Handmade Cadles


If not then we are looking at the Fulltime Families Rally in Fl in February. Then head up the East Coast. Will hit St Augustine and then head to Atlanta to visit Hubby's Sister and take a slow pace up the east coast by the shore line and be in Maine by July and come back via Niagara Falls and Ohio and be in the TN area by Sept if we decide to do Amazon again or be down to FL by Oct to help my dad during his busy season!

That is our round about game plan for the next year. What places do you suggest we hit on the East Coast? We are still making our wishlist and must see map!

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    1. Sounds like you guys are set! Good luck with amazon. The jobs Har very hard. My husband just quit there after a month and half. The 10 hous all weekend long and non stop walking did him in. The supervisors and managers were untrained and horrible. I hope your location is much better!

      1. It can’t be any worse then the job my husband was working before we full timed! He we doing 14 – 15 hour days and coming home missing dinner most night and barely having time to see the kids. Worst part he was salary so no overtime pay, it will be nice to see over time pay for his efforts!

    2. On your way to Niagara Falls, you have to go north to Alexandria Bay, New York. There’s the Uncle Sam boat tours and you have the opportunity to see to castles (Boldt and Singer) on the St. Lawrence River, plus the scenery is just gorgeous. We really enjoyed it this last summer and wish we could have spent more time there.

    3. St. Augustine, FL has several fun history things for you to do with the children. If I recall right, it was settled in the early 1700s and the town was over run at one point, by pirates. There is an NPS site that is a fort. your children will love it. There is also an independent, for profit, pirate museum. We didn’t visit it, just poked our heads in the gift shop. In town, there is a historic house that is open for tours. It shows “of the period” living for a wealthy landowner.
      So, if you get some material together, you can incorporate a visit to St. Augustine with some fun “pirate” curriculum for school. 🙂

    4. In Atlanta, a “must-see” place is the Aquarium. It is expensive to visit, but you can spend half the day there. (I don’t know about admission for children.) I’m not a huge “animal person” and I LOVED it, especially seeing the white whales. The kids can “pet” baby sting rays too.
      I don’t know where your in-laws live, but I lived outside the perimeter, in Roswell for 17 years. there are 3 historic homes open for tours there and a VERY nice playground park on Riverside Road in Roswell. One of the homes open for touring is the Bulloch Hall. It was the girlhood home of Theodore Rooselvdt’s mother, Mittie. If you are in the Atlanta area in early December, Smith Planation, in Roswell does a gingerbread Christmas special event where the children can decorate cookies and see an open fireplace cooking demonstration. There is a fee for this and it fills up fast. Call now for info. 770-641-3978 or see their website http://www.archibaldsmithplantation.org
      Safe travels to you!

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