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    15 Easy and Fun Alabama Crafts for Kids

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    When learning about an area I love getting my kids hands on. For us, that means crafts and activities. So since we are doing this Alabama State Unit Study I figure we need some Alabama crafts for kids as well.

    We are doing this Alabama State Unit Study so of course, we need some Alabama crafts for kids. Here are my top 15 Alabama Crafts to choose from. #alabama #ourroaminghearts #crafts #unitstudy | Alabama Unit Study | Alabama Crafts for kids | Roadschooling

    15 Easy and Fun Alabama Crafts for Kids

    This help gets kids excited and while they do a craft I like to do a read out loud book about Alabama or the subject the craft is about. Remember we also have our Alabama Unit Study Printable, it includes virtual field trips. You can find it on Teacher Pay Teachers as well.

    You can get the full Alabama Unit Study as well for free! This includes crafts, movies, printables, field trips, and more! 

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    Cardboard Tube Bear – Black Bears are Alabama's state bear. So have fun with this craft while learning some black bear facts.

    DIY Felt Monarch Butterfly Wings Tutorial – Since the Monarch butterfly is the state insect these are perfect for dress up.

    DIY Monarch Butterfly Peg Dolls Toy for Kids – Another cute butterfly craft!

    Straw Rockets – With the NASA Space Center in Huntsville there is so much to learn space wise and the state really embarrasses it.

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    Solar System Planet Model for Kids – Learn what NASA does and put together our own space model.

    Space Themed Telescope – Make your own telescope then head out that night and check out the stars and what you can find.

    Moon Phases Learning Craft – Keeping with the space theme this moon craft teaches the moon phases using Oreos!

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    Block Painted Football Craft – Alabama is big on their Roll Tide Football, you have to do at least one football craft!

    Ocean in a Bottle – With Alabama boarding up to the Gulf of Mexico they are known for their beaches!

    Make a Hurricane – Also because they are on the Gulf of Mexico they get their share of hurricanes.

    Sand Cast Starfish – This is a super fun general beach craft.

    Helen Keller Notebooking Activity – Helen Keller is one of the most famous people to come from Alabama so this whole activity is it out a notebook together about her.

    Helen Keller Braille and ASl Activity and Craft – This is a fun project to learn braille and sign language.

    Rosa Parks Bus Craft –  Rosa Parks and the not moving to the back of the bus happened in Alabama!

    Easy School Bus Craft – Perfect for younger kids to join in on the Rosa Parks learning.


    Do you know any fun Alabama crafts for kids that aren't on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

    Don’t forget about our Alabama Unit Study Printable, it includes virtual field trips. You can find it on Teacher Pay Teachers as well.


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