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    How We Do Halloween Living in an RV!

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    So with this being our first year in the RV we have to come up with all new ways to celebrate holidays! From decorating to the activities. So I am going to share this time how we do Halloween.

    How We Do Halloween Living in an RV!

    Now Halloween isn't TOO much different than in our sticks and bricks. We dress up and go trick or treating. But we can't just walk out into our neighborhood and go door to door and we don't get to hand out candy. We also don't get to a host a Halloween Party and we didn't really decorate. The not decorating was hard for me I LOVE decorating for Halloween!

    How We Do Halloween Living in an RV! Kids in Costume

    So this year we got a BARGAIN on our costumes. In fact we got them free ( see how in THIS post) ! And once I send them in to consign I will have made money on them. SCORE!

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    So then we save money on not buying candy to hand out. But where do we go trick or treating? We decided to head to the local mall and trick or treat there. It was a great choice since it rained on Halloween and the Mall was packed, the kids made out! They got candy, cookies, bracelets, stickers and more!

    How We Do Halloween Living in an RV! Lines

    The way you trick or treat at the mall is you get in line and walk from store to store trick or treating. Most stores participate but not all.


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    How We Do Halloween Living in an RV! Line

    Other options: find a church and go to to their trunk or treat. Many farms will do a trick or treat day as well. City parks normally do something as well. Just have to do an internet search in the area you are in.

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