Homeschooling on the Road – Roadschooling

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Ask any homeschooler and they’ll tell you that one of the things they love about homeschooling is the fact that they can travel whenever they want. Some of us even sell everything and pack up to go on the road full-time for a few years. Whether you’re only traveling part-time, or you’re living full-time in an RV, your kids will need to have their education continued while you are on the road.

Homeschooling on the Road - Roadschooling

Homeschooling on the Road – Roadschooling

Homeschooling on the road might seem hard but even though it might appear that way, it really isn’t. Sure, you can have problems while doing it, but those problems are no different than what you might have if you were homeschooling from your house. Use these tips for homeschooling on the road to help you keep things sane and provide a good, quality homeschool education to your kids.

Put TV and movies to good use – These days we’ve all got some form of TV on us at all times. Whether it’s an RV tv, a tablet, a portable DVD player in the car or your phone, your kids can always have educational tv shows and movies at their fingertips. Make sure that you’re subscribed to streaming services like Hulu Plus so that they can watch what they will learn from.

Amazon Instant Video is another great one for teaching. They’ve got a ton of educational movies and shows available for Prime members and they add even more every month. Plus? Free 30-day trial! You can’t beat that! Speaking of educational movies, making sure that you have a nice selection of DVD's for them to watch will mean that they can watch educational items even when you have no data or net connection.

Use Worksheets instead of a full curriculum – Printable worksheets are an excellent way to help your kids learn without weighing down your travel supplies with a full curriculum and everything that comes with it. You can generally find printable worksheets on just about any subject you want to study, and there are even sites that you can find homeschooling worksheets at a discount on to save money!

Books – Books are a great way to teach kids about any subject, and any homeschooler understands the book addiction problem. To take books o the road consider getting a reading device. I am partial to the Kindles because I am able to earn free Amazon gift cards to use to buy books. A Nook is also a great reading device. I also prefer Kindles because of their Freetime app. It locks down your child's profile any way you want. Say you don't want them to use it from 8 pm until 8 am it locks it. It will also allow you to set it so they have to read for say an hour before they can access any apps or videos and even then they can only have an hour of app play a day.

Use your surroundings to teach – Using the things and places around you is a great method for teaching your kids. If you’re at a historical site, teach them about the event that happened there. If you’re camping in the woods, have a nature scavenger hunt and teach them science. If you teach them with what you have around you, there’s no reason to need other supplies that might make you feel cluttered. If you are visiting National Parks or any National historic site or state park make sure to take advantage of the Junior Ranger Program. It's free!

In fact, if you’re traveling full time and are roadschooling your kids, you should try to plan your trips around their lessons. This way they can learn things in real life versus only reading it in a book.

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    1. You do hula and amazon video in the rv? What do you use for internet? We are debating going full time rv and we already home school but don’t know how we would get internet.

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