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    How Full Time Travelers Do Thanksgiving On The Road

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    There are many different kinds of full-time travelers these days. Quite a few have taken to the open road in their RVs where others fly from one destination to another. No matter where their travels may take them, people always wonder how full-time travelers do Thanksgiving on the road.

    I'm a solo female traveler who road trips in a small car and also flies quite a bit. Last year, I was in Alaska and away from my family. On Thanksgiving, I found myself volunteering to help those less fortunate. This was a great way to give back when you are traveling during the Holidays. It is easy to volunteer time at a homeless shelter or the food bank during Thanksgiving, as they are always in need of people to help out.

    How Full Time Travelers Do Thanksgiving On The Road

    RVers can cook Thanksgiving dinner in their smaller kitchens with just a little preplanning and prepping. Check out How to Cook Thanksgiving When You Live In An RV for a guide on how to do it. If you find yourself at an RV park during Thanksgiving, check with the host as they typically go all out and have a big shindig. Either they will have a potluck type event or host Thanksgiving for all the travelers. It is quite often party time!

    Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer

    Quite a few full-time travelers primarily camp in between destinations. There is no reason why you can't deep fry a turkey on an outside burner whether camping or in an RV. Frying up the bird in peanut oil is my second favorite way to make the turkey, with My Famous Drunken Turkey Recipe being the first.

    30-Quart Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot with Accessories

    Many full-time travelers are overseas during Thanksgiving. It is not uncommon for a bunch of ex-pats to get together and cook up Thanksgiving dinner together. In quite a few countries where ex-pats own restaurants, don't be surprised to see them advertise and serve up a delicious turkey with all the fixings. No matter where you are in the world, my fellow full-time travelers, you can usually find other Americans to get stuffed on turkey and pumpkin pie with you!

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