Fun Facts About Traveling Through The State of Texas

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If you have traveled through the state of Texas you probably know some fo these fun and weird facts. If not check them out! Then plan your next road trip!

Fun Facts About Traveling Through The State of Texas

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Fun Facts About Traveling Through The State of Texas

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Weird Laws

There are some pretty weird laws still hanging around Texas… Did you know it was illegal to have a camel running loose on the beach in Galveston? Fun little fact is that the U.S. War Department imported camels into Texas imported twice back in the 1850s as they figured they would be good animals to use during the Indian Wars. How about that you can be hung if you put graffiti on someone else's cow or even try to steal one. First, I want to know, who puts graffiti on their own cow? Also, it is still illegal to swear or expose yourself in front of a corpse. I often wonder how these laws got on the books in the first place…

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Up Up and Away

Need to jet away look no further than Texas as this state has more airports than any other state in the Union. The third largest runway in the world belongs to Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, which is cleared for the space shuttle to land there if needed. There is always parking at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) as it gets the medal for being the world’s largest parking lot.

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Road Trip for Miles

You can go on an epic road trip in Texas as there are more than 70,000 miles of highway in Texas alone! You can travel a long time without ever having to go on the same road twice! Now keep in mind that some of those are back roads and could land you on someone's private land. Just think of this though – Texas has to buy more than 1.6 million gallons of yellow and white paint every year to just to paint those stripes on the highway! Combine that with the millions signs and markers along the roads, and you can just imagine when the road workers get a day off… never?

State Facts for Fun! Texas

What is the strangest fact that you know about Texas?

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