46 Amazing Free Things to do in Providence RI

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Is Providence, Rhode Island on your bucket list of places to visit? If so, there are quite a few reasons why you can make this visit a reality. Rhode Island is one of the most beautiful states on the East Coast.  There are several free things in Providence RI and really take in its beauty. This is why it makes our list of  The Best Free Things to do in Each State

There is so much to do on the water here in Providence Rhode Island and I loved just driving around downtown. Here are over 40 Free things to do in Providence RI #providence #rhodeisland #freethingstodo #ourroaminghearts #thingstodo | Rhode Island | Providence, RI Travel | Things to do in Providence | Frugal Travel Providence | Family Travel

46 Amazing Free Things to do in Providence RI

There is so much to do on the water here in Providence Rhode Island and I loved just driving around downtown so make sure you do that when visiting! 

Governor Stephen Hopkins House

Take a free tour of Governor Stephen Hopkins House! Open Wednesdays 11 a.m.–2 p.m. year-round, Saturdays 10 a.m.–4 p.m. April–November, and year-round by appointment.

Roger Williams Park

One of the most popular parks in Providence is Roger Williams Park. There are 435 acres to enjoy pure beauty. You can literally spend all day here exploring nature and the surroundings of the park.

There is also a botanical garden and a zoo to check out if you have time, thou they do charge admission.


Rhode Island State House
Rhode Island State House in Providence, Rhode Island, USA illuminated at night.

Rhode Island State House

When we travel, I always try to get a tour to see things like the Rhode Island State House. Most of the time these tours are free and the kids just love learning about the history of the government of all the states. If you get a chance, schedule your free tour here!

Take a Historic Walking Tour

As mentioned before, Providence, Rhode Island is a very historical town. You can spend lots of time walking around time looking at the historical buildings and homes. Take some time to create your own historical walking tour.

It’s free and you can look up almost anything you have questions on via the Internet. 

Benefit Street

This street has so much history! Benefit Street has one of the largest amounts of Colonial buildings in the country! This is a mile-long cobblestone street that is a must walk!

First Unitarian Church of Providence

First Unitarian Church of Providence is over 200 years old and is just beautiful! There are many interesting stories surrounding it. They offer free, guided tours once a month, but self-guided tours are available during non-service hours.

Brown University

Check out Brown University

Walking around Brown University is a fun way to spend your evening in Providence. There’s nothing quite like seeing this historical university up close. If you don’t know much about Brown University, it’s a private Ivy League school.

Although you don’t have to pay to walk around the school, it does cost about $27,000 a year to go there.

Providence Athenaeum

This isn't your normal city libraries and in the historic part of town. The Providence Athenaeum offers many programs plus a little there is so much to see just walking around (quietly!)

Waterfire – This is an event every year during early fall that they are popular for! This is where the 3 rivers down in down are set on fire, or at least it looks like it with the over 100 bonfires on the water during the event!

South Main Street Park

Great places to take a break from the city. There are greek style statues and you can even water one of the rivers right from South Main Street Park!

providence Rhode Island from the far side of the waterfront

Colt State Park

Whether you feel like walking at Colt State Park or biking, this is the creme de la creme of parks in Providence. This is an open public space that you can enjoy, as you spend time in Providence. You will find glorious stone walls and spectacular shorelines. You don’t want to miss out on visiting this amazing place while you’re in Rhode Island.

Providence Public Library

They offer a free 1-hour tour of the architectural tour of this Providence Public Library at 10:30 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday of each month. 

Providence Children's Museum

This is a great way for families to get hands-on and they love it! Take advantage of the Metlife Family Friday when the Providence Children's Museum is free from 5-8 p.m (June – August every Friday)

RISD Museum

The RISD Museum has some amazing art on display. Get in for free every third Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Providence, Rhode Island, USA park and skyline.

Take a Drive in West Hill, RI

This is an area just outside Providence where the most wealthy live and it makes for a great drive the town is beautiful. 

Beavertail State Park

This state park has some coastal trails and offers some amazing marine education classes. Beavertail State Park is a great place for picnics, walks and more. 

East Bay Bike Path

This is a 13.8-mile bike trail that ends at the beaches in Bristol! The East Bay Bike Path has some amazing views and is perfect to take in on good weather days. 

Free Beaches in Providence

When it comes to visiting Providence, RI there is nothing like seeing all of the beautiful shorelines.


Less then an hour away is Newport Rhode Island. There are 21 Free Things to do in Newport Rhode Island and this is a great place to spend a day when visiting Providence. 

So what are you favorite Free Things to do in Providence RI? Let us know in the comments below. 

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