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15 Must See Free Things to do in Key West Florida

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Looking for an island getaway? Living in Florida I grew up going to the Florida Keys, particularly the Key West. For such a small island there is a lot to do! These free things to do in Key West are some of my favorites!

Key West Florida House and Palm trees


Take a Self Guided Walking Tour – This walking tour has 51 spots and a little history on each one. It' completely self-paced. You will walk Duval Street so it's easy to make a day of it and grab something to eat or take a picnic!

Duval street sign in Key West.
Duval street sign in Key West.

Walk Duval Street – Speaking of Duval Street, you have to take at least a half of a day to walk this famous island street! The food, the restaurants, and the people watching here are all some of the best!

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West Martello Tower – This is a civil war era fort that they never finished! The tower was used to quarter troops during the Spanish American War and housed radio stations during World Wars I and II.

Botanical Garden – This is the only “frost-free” botanical garden in the continental United States.

Southernmost Point, Key West, Florida
Southernmost Point, Key West, Florida

Visit the Southernmost Point – This is a classic photo opp around the cement landmark. This is one of the must do free things to do in key west.

White Street Pier – This is a popular fishing spot with locals and often called the “unfinished road to Havana” because of how long it is. Many also come here to watch the sunset.

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Key West Wildlife Center – This is the home to Key West’s famous gypsy chickens and the freshwater pond brings in many other birds for a drink.

Mallory Square in Key West
The entrance to the famed Mallory Square in Key West, Florida where residents and visitors gather each evening to watch spectacular sunsets.

Watch the Sunset at Mallory Square – This square is famous for every gathering and watching the sun disappear over the water

Historic Key West Cemetery – The oldest headstones here are older than the cemetery itself. How is that possible? In 1846 a hurricane washed away the cemetery and many of the bodies away. The new cemetery was formed in the center of the island after that.

The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center – Famous for its 2500 gallon sea life tank with living coral and tropical fish along with their interactive exhibits.

The Historic Key West Seaport – so many historical ships to take in along the water!

Mile Zero street sign in Key West, FL.
Mile Zero street sign in Key West, FL.

US 1 Mile Marker Zero – This is another one of the famous photo opportunities in Key West. This highway runs north to south and is almost 2600 miles.

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The Beach – You go a mile or 2 in any direction and you hit the beach! You can't visit the island without at least one beach day in your schedule! The one the locals recommend is Smathers Beach.

Peppers of Key West – So many different kinds of hot sauces from sweet to burn your tongue off hot! They offer free samples and while I list this as free we never get out of here without buying anything!

Sheriff's Animal Farm – Check the schedule the facility is only open a few times a month. It's a great petting zoo for donated or abandoned animals.

Have you done any of these free things to do in Key West Florida? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below.



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