Food Challenges in New Orleans

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Are you looking for the best food challenges in New Orleans? If so, you’re in good luck! New Orleans is home to the not-so-stingy food challenges. Both residents and tourists look forward to finding these challenges and taking part in them. If you decide to try one or more of these fun food challenges, you will get a lot of food for a decent price, and all of it is amazing! Check out some of the best food challenges that we came across! 

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Food Challenges in New Orleans

Acme Oyster House

Put your big girl panties or big boy undies on and eat 15 dozen or more. This means you’ll get your name on the board, a t-shirt, hat, and 50 percent off the bill. Get this: eat more than the current winner and your food is free. Woo hoo! Do you have what it takes to eat dozens of oysters at once?


The Creole Creamery

You have to eat eight scoops of ice cream at The Creole Creamery. Plus eight toppings, whipped cream, cherries, wafers, and sprinkles. It might sound easy, but the combination of ice cream with various toppings will take some time to eat! Wow, this is going to be a challenge, but are you up for it?!

Barcadia New Orleans

This food challenge in New Orleans includes a double patty burger with cheddar cheese and several other ingredients, including:

  • pepper jack cheese
  • a fried egg
  • fried onion rings
  • caramelized onions
  • sliced avocado
  • Bacon
  • Lettuce
  • tomato, 
  • Plus a side of fries and two pints of beer 

Get this: the $30 tab is waived if you can eat it and not puke for 20 minutes after finishing it.



Gretna Depot Café & Spirits

The Big John Burger is two pounds of beef. It’s also served on a nine-inch muffuletta bun. You will find that it’s dressed with lettuce cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and a side of fries.

Get this: If you complete it, you can win a free cocktail and shirt. Who doesn’t love a free drink and a shirt as a souvenir?

Bayou Hot Wings

Do you have it in you to consume 10 chicken wings in five minutes? Can you do it without the help of other food, drinks, or napkins? Beware: you cannot take the meat off the bone and you cannot leave to go pee!  

Get this: If you win, you get a t-shirt and a social media shout-out!

Big Easy Donut Challenge – Bakers Dozen

The Big Easy Donut Challenge includes a BIG donut. This donut is roughly the equivalent of five regular-sized donuts. The good news is that it can be glazed, chocolate sprinkled, or covered in chocolate. Take your pick and get started! Make sure you choose the type of donut you like most to make this challenge a bit easier for you.

Get this: They have several prizes to choose from and you get to pick your prize! 


Pho Challenge – Pho Cam Ly

Pho has become one of the trendiest soups to exist. There are quite a few reasons why people in the United States have fallen in love with pho. It has such a naturally great taste, but it is also the kind of soup you can eat to kick a cold faster or recover from a hangover. If you love pho, you can try Pho Cam Ly’s challenge. The challenge consists of paying $40 for two pounds of pho with a goal of consuming it all within an hour.

Get this: If you can finish the large pot of pho within 60 minutes, you will receive a free t-shirt, free meal, and get your picture added to the wall of fame. Think you got what it takes to win?

Dat Dog

Do you like hot dogs? If so, you might have what it takes to take on the challenge of eating a mega Weiner covered in assorted toppings. The sausage with its rolls and toppings weighs over four pounds. If you think you can handle it, take a trip over to Dat Dog and put your order in for the Datzilla Challenge.

Get this: Participants who finish the Weiner will get added to the wall of fame. If you make it happen, you will also get a free t-shirt and a free meal on the house during your next visit, making it worth the win!

Ultimate Brisket Burger Challenge – Bar-B-Que Station

If you enjoy burgers at the barbeque, you might want to participate in the Ultimate Brisket Burger Challenge. Bar-B-Que Station offers a burger as you have never seen before. This burger is stacked with brisket and a few other assorted toppings, including bacon and cheese. 

Get this: If you can finish the burger, expect to see your face on the restaurant’s Facebook page. You will get some social media recognition for taking on the challenge and succeeding!



Mugshots Mugshot Burger Challenge

Burger lovers often seek out Mugshot Burger Challenge to see if they have what it takes to consume the massive three-patty cheeseburger with strips of bacon, pickles, and onion ring. It may be one of the biggest burgers you will ever come across. If you love burgers, you may want to give it a try to see if you can finish it all in one sitting.

Get this: Finish the burger within 12 minutes to get it for free. Not only can you get it for free, but you can also enjoy the delicious taste of the burger because it is simply that good. Sure, 12 minutes is not a long time, but you might be able to make it happen. Give it a try!

I hope you get to try out some of these enjoyable food challenges. Word on the street is that they’re all equally awesome. Always call the restaurants ahead to make sure the food challenges are currently available to guests. You want to make sure you can get in and take advantage of these fun and exciting challenges to earn your spot on the wall of fame and get some neat stuff for free.


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