The BEST Food Challenges in Baltimore

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Traveling to Baltimore is going to give you a little bit of history and a little bit of fun. However, some of you are looking for something a little different in Baltimore, the food challenges! Keep reading to see the food challenges in Baltimore and which challenge might be the best one for you!

Baltimore has some of the best variety of food challenges, chicken, pizza, steak, burgers, burritos, and more. Use this guide to find them all for your visit. #ourroaminghearts #foodchallenges #baltimore #massachusetts #foodie | Food Challenges | Food Challenges in Massachusetts | Baltimore Food Challenges | Baltimore Travel

The BEST Food Challenges in Baltimore

Food challenges have gotten popular with TV shows like Man vs Food and many of them are seriously yummy food. Baltimore has some of the best variety of food challenges, chicken, pizza, steak, burgers, burritos, and more. 

So below we have some of the best food challenges in Baltimore that you will want to try out when in the area!


Chicken Wing Food Challenages in Baltimore

Cluck U Chicken

Are you up for a chicken eating challenge? This challenge is eating 12 wings in 10 minutes. However, it may not sound as easy as you’re thinking.

The sauce is even referred to as 911 sauce because it’s so hot. In fact, you’ll even have to sign a waiver. You also cannot eat or drink for at least five minutes after you’re done. Cluck U Chicken is waiting for you!


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El Hidago

Eating an 8-pound burrito isn’t something everyone could eat. But, if you’re up for the challenge, perhaps this 2-foot long burrito that weighs 8 pounds is just what you’ve been looking for.

This place has such good reviews, go ahead and check it out! El Hidago awaits you!


Steak Food Challenges in Baltimore

Steak and Main

If you think you could eat 76 ounces of steak plus a pound of sides, the Steak and Main food challenge may be for you!

The really cool thing about this food challenge is that you can get a $140 free meal if you can eat it all! Plus, they will pay you $100!


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Blue Agave Restaurante y Tequileria

You will have 30 minutes to finish El Toro Grande. That means  The Big Bull. This is a 2-foot, 4-pound burrito. WOW! It has chicken, beef, vegetables, and two jalapenos.

As of right now, only 32 people have finished out of over 300 who have tried. 


Baltimore Food Challenges

Fat Boy’s Pizza Shack

You’ve heard of the 8-pound burrito, but what about an 8 pounds 5 topping pizza? Head on over to Fat Boy’s Pizza Shack to give this pizza a try, I think you’ll enjoy the food challenge.


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Kloby's Smokehouse

Only one person has finished their Ultimate Barnyard Burger at Kloby's Smokehouse. This burger has a half-pound each of beef burger, brisket, turkey burger, turkey breast, and pulled pork. 

It also has 12 strips of bacon, eight slices of cheddar cheese, a pint of coleslaw, pickles, barbecue sauce of your choice. Plus a pound of fries. All that weighs 6 pounds. Ouch!


Baltimore Food Challenges

Chick and Ruth’s

Now, this might be a food challenge you will want to get behind. This is called the Man Versus Food Challenge at Chick and Ruth's and it’s waiting for you!

You’ll be faced with a 1 pound hamburger and a six-pound shake. You’ll need to sign a waiver, but you will love the challenge ahead.


Chewy’s 5 Pound Fat Boy Burger

Not many people have what it takes to eat a five-pound hamburger. The prize is amazing! You can win food for a whole year if you can take in this food challenge and win it.

If you think you have what it takes, head to Chewy’s and take on the 5 Pound Burger Challenge!



Which Food Challenges in Baltimore do you think you’d partake in first?

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