Best Restaurants in Disney World for the Free Dining Package

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Here are some tips for dining at Disney: Three dining plans include table service credits. The best restaurants in Disney World for free dining are just shy of a signature/fine dining experience.

Walt Disney World is never cheap.

That's why it's always smart to look out for special offers and promotions on booking websites and discount sellers. That doesn't mean that Disney doesn't sometimes come up with some good promotions you can book directly through them.

Free Dining at Disney World

The most popular deal you can get through Disney is Free Dining. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to use it.

Free Dining, like the name implies, is a dining package that comes complimentary with a hotel booking.

The hotel you book directly impacts the plan you qualify for, but of the four 2020 plans available, there are currently three that include table service dining credits.

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Best Restaurants in Disney World for Free Dining

The best restaurants in Disney World for free dining are just shy of a signature/fine dining experience.

If you have table service credits at all, they are eligible for counter service. That's a nice option in a pinch, but it drags down the value of the plan.

In order to make the dining plan, even a free one, work for you, you need to stretch out your credits and use them for the maximum dollar value you qualify for. Otherwise, you are better off using a different promotion for your room rate and budgeting your own meals at the best restaurants in Disney World.

These high-value restaurants are only one meal credit, which means you have a close to signature dining experience without using up an extra credit in one sitting.

Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White

Storybook dining is a new approach to character dining and it's taking Disney World by storm.

This former signature restaurant at Wilderness Lodge now includes character meet and greets and an elaborately themed Prix Fixe menu within an enchanted forest-inspired environment.

Brunch at Topolino's Terrace

The most recent breakthrough restaurant at Walt Disney World is inspired by the cliffside restaurants of Italy.

It's located at the top of the new Riviera resort that overlooks the Epcot resort area.

This storybook dining experience boasts character interaction and a superior menu for just one meal credit. Plus, you have one of the best views in Disney World.

Dinner at Toledo

Some of the best restaurants in Disney World have one thing in common: A rooftop dining room with a sweeping view.

The new Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs makes the moderate resort a much more desirable destination, due in part to Toledo.

The Gran Destino Tower takes much inspiration from Spanish artists Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi.

The architectural design of the latter shines through in this tapas-style restaurant that only costs one meal credit to enjoy.

Coral Reef

One of the closest restaurants to the signature status you will find in the Disney parks is Coral Reef at Epcot.

There are signature restaurants in some of the parks, especially Epcot, but Coral Reef just misses the title. That's great because it keeps the price point down and holds the dining plan value at just one Dining Credit.

Coral Reef is elegant but comfortable. It's a terrific fancier restaurant dining with kids and they love the giant shark tank.

The Wave… of American Flavors

Another exquisite option is truly one of the best restaurants in Disney World, but it's overshadowed by one of the grandest dining experiences which are in the same building.

Although California Grill has the view, the menu, and everything else going for it, it does cost two meal credits. It's worth it, as many of the two credit meals are, but The Wave is also excellent and it lets you conserve credits without sacrificing good taste.

Be sure to save room for Disney treats after eating at all of these best restaurants in Disney World!

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