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31 Free Things to do in Portland Maine

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Who is excited to head to Portland Maine? I was so surprised at how much there was to do there. One of the best parts of Portland, Maine is that there are things you can do for free there. Save your hard earned cash and check out these free things to do in Portland Maine.

Portland Head lighthose at dusk

31 Free Things to do in Portland Maine

If you are in Maine, make sure to check out my list of the top 20 things to do in the state of Maine. But by far my favorite was visiting Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

If you are visiting Portland with kids, I have a list of great things to see both free and paid options. Though honestly some of my favorite things to do in the area are 100% free!

I also want to mention when looking for free things to do in any city I LOVE using the Roadside America AppSeveral items on the list below I found because of that app! It uses your location and shows you what is near you, and well worth the extra money to unlock the full map when traveling!


Portland Public Library – They have so many programs and book but what makes it worth the mention is their rare books section, with books from as far back as the 1500's!

Word Portland – This is a monthly reading series and a great place to come and hear some great stories.

Eartha – This is a three-story tall globe of the US and turns at the same speed as Earth does. It is a self-guided tour and well worth the stop!

University of Main Museum of Art – There are so many art museums to take in while visiting Portland! If this is your thing, you will love it!

Big F Indian – His official name is Chief Passamaquoddy, any idea how to pronounce that? Yeah me either! But the kids loved visiting him!

Gaint L.L. Bean Boot – The Giant L.L Bean Boot. Because it's a huge boot why not? My kids were mesmerized by this one!

Visit Lenny the Chocolate Moose – You can't pass up the chance to see a life-size moose made out of chocolate! If you have a bit of budget pick up some candy here like the ‘lobsters on the rocks'!

The Art Gallery at the University of New England – There are quite a few art museums or galleries mentioned in Portland, more than I remember seeing in other cities. So if you are an art lover, this is the city for you!

Berlin Wall Slabs – How often do you get to see pieces of the Berlin Wall. There is so much history here, and you can get up close too it!

Umbrella Cover Museum – This is one of those fun off the wall museums. Yes, it is worth an hour of your time!

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Bates College Museum of Art – Another art museum and it isn't the last on the list.

1886 Shipwreck at Head Light – This Maine's oldest lighthouse but it got the name shipwreck because a ship crashed in front of it on Christmas Eve 1886.

The Vision of Uncle Tom – Visit the church pew where Harriet Beecher Stowe saw a vision of the death of her character she was working on in Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Bowdoin College Museum of Art – See I wasn't kidding about the art museums!

Coast City Comics – This store is pretty cool just to walk around, but they have some cool events too.

After Hours Music Series at South Portland Public Library – I always suggest checking the local library they have some great events! Plus the history of some of the buildings in Portland makes the tris worth it alone.

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Eastern Trail – Lots of trails to walk, run, or bike and the even have many trail events.

Outdoor Skating Rink – Confession, I've never skated on an outdoor ice rink, but it is on my bucket list! Maine has many outdoor ice rinks to try out!

Portland Head Light  – This is one of the most famous lighthouses and most photographed in the country. It is free to visit and photograph but to visit the museum inside, there is a fee.

Back Cove Trail – Here are some more great trails around the city packed with things to see.

Deering Oaks Park – Portland is known for their parks and open spaces. Deering Oaks Park is known for it's Castle in the Park. Constructed in 1894 it was meant to be a warming hut for ice skaters, and now it's an attraction for the park.

Portland Observatory – In the 1800s this was Portland's way to monitor ships. Now it is a museum and a great way to get a birds-eye view of the city.

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DiMillo’s Old Port Maine – This is the marina located in downtown Portland and is an Amazing spot to watch a sunrise!

Payson Park – This is the place to come if you have kids! This playground is the king of playgrounds! There is also the 2.5-acre Longfellow Arboretum.

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse – This is another one of the stunning lighthouses in Portland!

Fort Williams Park – The Portland Head Light mentioned above is located in Fort Williams park so that there makes it worth the visit but there is plenty more to do. They have a beach, the Battery Keyes who is a fort built in 1906,  and the ruins of the Civil War Goddard Mansion. This picture of my daughter was taken on the beach there, and it's still one of my favorite. She was so mesmerized by the ocean but freaked how cold the water was (and people were swimming in it!). So she stood on that rock and just watched the water forever!

Old Port – This is downtown Portland, mainly the historic old town. The buildings are so fascinating to look at, and there is so much history here not to mention a lot to do.

Portland Free Concerts – There are many free concerts in downtown Portland throughout the year.

Portland Freedom Trail – There are 16 stops on this self-guided trail. Many building you will see were parts of the underground railroad and have hidden passages and hidden rooms.

Kennebunk Bridle Path – This is a 5.6-mile path, part of which stretches into the Rachel Carson Wildlife Preserve.

Eastern Promenade – This is a 2.1-mile paved trail along the waterway and follows an old train line. Honestly, if you can only do one trail in Portland, then this should be it!

What are your favorite free things to do in Portland Maine? Let me know in the comments below.



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    1. pretty cool list but they are not all in Portland. LL Bean and the Big Indian are in freeport and the big globe is in falmouth. granted not too farm from portland but not in Portland.

      1. I always try to include freebies in a short drive from the area as well it would be a shame to miss a great location just because it is 10 minutes outside a city.

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