What is Airbnb – Pro Tips for Using Airbnb

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What if you could stay somewhere for a short period? What if you could travel and make it affordable? I wanted to share more with my blogging audience about Airbnb. It’s an amazing site where you can book a room of various type for different prices. Here are some tips for using this amazing website! So let's start with the basic what is Airbnb and go on with some tips to make you a pro!

What is Airbnb and how to become an Airbnb pro? Here are some tips for using this amazing website and scoring the best deals. #airbnb #travel #ourroaminghearts #frugaltravel | Travel | Airbnb | Frugal Travel

What is Airbnb – Pro Tips for Using Airbnb

Please note if you sign up for Airbnb with my link you get a free $40 travel credit, which in many areas is equal to a free night. Please note it is free to join Airbnb and take a look around!

What is Airbnb

Airbnb is a vacation home rental site. You can rent a room or a whole house. Sizes range from a studio apartment to a mansion. The homeowners get the option to approve or deny you from renting so they hold some control on their property. They have just expanded into experiences where you can book things to do. They have also introduced restaurants where you can book reservations as well.

Look at the reviews

Reviews have always been something I look at before I book anywhere. Airbnb has a way for you to look at the reviews before you book. Take the time to see what other people’s experiences were, you won’t regret it. Also, after you have stayed – leave your own reviews.

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Take your time looking

I could spend hours looking at Airbnb because there are so many amazing venues available. I could book a whole trip of the places available to stay. I say, take your time looking, so you can get the best deal and book a great place to stay. While looking make sure to read everything on places you are interested in many have rules, or things not allowed in their homes.

Know what you want to spend

Although there are some inexpensive locations you can book on Airbnb, there are also some expensive ones. My best advice for you is to know what you want to spend. Each city can have thousands of listings, so it’s important to note what you want to pay. You might not be able to land right where you want to stay, so be flexible. However, don’t settle. I use the search feature and don't even look at a listing that is more then I want to spend so I am not tempted to blow my budget.

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The rules are important

Airbnb has rules, read them carefully. Knowing how things work where you’ll be staying important. Other countries don’t function like the USA. What they describe as one thing could really mean another. You will really want to read the rules and always proceed with caution. I mention this above each home has rules, some allow pets, some have a max amount of people they will allow. Some want you out by 9 am and other won't let you check in until 6 pm. Make sure you agree to the rules.

Ask lots of questions

The cool thing about Airbnb is you can interact with your hosts before you book. Ask questions and let them answer. Airbnb even has a built-in translator in their messenger, so you can talk to people all over the world without a language barrier. Know what you’re booking and it it’s the right place for you. Always be honest we are a family of 7 and that puts people off so we are always very honest and open when messaging hosts and haven't had any problems booking.

Airbnb Experiences

These are things to do in on your trip, things like booking a boat trip, a concert or a tour. You can book them via the Airbnb website at a per person price for a discount.

Airbnb Restaurants

This is a fairly new concept for Airbnb. There are local restaurants and Airbnbers leave reviews and book reservations to fairly popular places to eat in the city you are visiting.

Booking through Airbnb is pretty genius. You get the luxury of picking where you stay and in what part of the city. Always read the rules and know what you’re booking! I hope that answered your what is Airbnb questions!

Again, if you sign up for Airbnb with my link you get a free $40 travel credit, which in many areas is equal to a free night. Please note it is free to join Airbnb and take a look around!

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