12 Tips for Visiting Grand Tetons National Park with Kids

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Are you planning a trip to the Grand Tetons National Park with your kids this year? You all are sure to have a blast with the many things to experience and see. We have a bit of information you might want to check out. Let’s take a look at 12 safety tips and fun tips to make sure everyone has an awesome and safe time while visiting the Tetons.  

Planning a trip to the Grand Tetons National Park with your kids? Take a look at 12 safety and fun tips to make sure everyone has an awesome time.  #ourraminghearts #grandtetons #nationalpark #travelingwithkids #grandtetonsnationalpark #wyoming | Grand Tetons National Park | National Parks | Wyoming Travel | Traveling with Kids | Family Travel | Grand Tetons

12 Tips for Visiting Grand Tetons National Park with Kids


While you are visiting the National Park consider staying at Colter Bay Village. I loved my stay and I even shared a video of my cabins inside and out.

Check out the Grand Teton National Park Video at the bottom of the post for even more Grand Teton Tips! 

You can always stay outside the park in an Airbnb for cheaper and then just take the extra time driving in and out each day. When you sign up for Airbnb with my link you get a free $40 credit!

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For your children to have a safe and fun time while visiting Grand Teton National Park, there are certain guidelines to go over with them. These really apply to any National Park but it's a good idea to start with these safety tips. 

Two Lake Loop Trail

Stay in eyesight on Hiking Trails

They need to be within eyesight of you at all times. Wild animals roam free in the park and you never know when you will turn the corner and encounter one of them. The biggest thing to remember is the bears!

Steer clear from ledges and steep scenic overlooks

There are some deadly drop-offs that can prove fatal. Tell them before you get out of the car to be extremely cautious. Don’t take your eyes off of them around these overlooks. I always keep a hand on my younger kids when we are at the locations. 

Elk Ranch Flats Bison

Teach them about animal encounters

Teach them about the animals your family might encounter and teach them the proper method for avoiding confrontation with them. I suggest carrying bear spray and teach older kids how to use it. The ranger at the visitor centers is happy to give demonstrations. Younger ones need to know they can't run up to them to try to pet them. 

Signal Mountain

Leave no traces

Show your children the importance of how to leave no food or wrappers behind. Always pick up all trash and toss it in the proper waste bins, they will be bear safe. 

Craig Thomas Discovery Center

Become a Junior Ranger

Your son or daughter between the ages (5-12) can become a Junior Ranger on their visit to the Tetons. They will discover more about the park and learn about plants and wildlife that they might come across. They’ll even get a badge presented to them by a park ranger.  

Ask the rangers at the desk for their Junior Ranger program book for any kids traveling with you. You can also ask them about any must-see locations at the park! Don't forget to visit the Ranger Station so any kids traveling can get their National Park Passport stamped.

Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls waterfall not far from Lake Jenny. Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming, USA

Hike Hidden Falls Trail 

Consider taking your family on the Hidden Falls Trail hike. This easy family-friendly hike has exceptional views and amazing waterfalls to see. You can take the Jenny Lake Ferry across the lake and then the hike is just about a mile round trip. 

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Hike the String Lake Loop

Another trail that is suitable for the whole family is the String Lake Loop. It's an easy hike and you get some amazing views along the way. 

Menors Ferry General Store

Visit Menor's Ferry Historic District

This whole loop is about 0.3 of a mile. You can see the old ferry and they even have old ranger programs there. You can visit the General store which is part museum part actual store with samples of local products like huckleberries!

Then head down by the river and see where the old ferry was then visiting the late Ferry owners home before heading back to the parking lot and taking in the amazing views at the Chapel of Transfiguration. 

Colter Bay Village Swim Beach at Sunrise
Colter Bay Village Swim Beach at Sunrise

Swim the Cold Water of Jackson Lake

With all the hiking you just got done with, how about a cold splash in Jackson Lake? Even when it’s summertime, the water is at a very chilly temperature since it's snow runoff.

If you head down to Colter Bay Village there is a swim beach there with some amazing views as well! This is also a great place to catch a sunrise or sunset! You can view my Jackson Lake Sunrise video to see why I love it!

Teton Park Road

Drive Teton Park Road

Take the Teton Park Road and drive through the park. Start at Jackson Lake Junction and drive counter-clockwise for the best views. This road offers a lot if stops and things to do, some amazing sights and even wildlife spotting!

Snake River

Rafting Snake River

Are all your family members above the age of 6? If you’ve never done rafting as a family, you’re missing out. It’s a thrilling time with laughter and funny guides that ensure your safety. How about white-water rafting Snake River?  

Jackson Hole Tram
JULY 10 2018 – JACKSON WYOMING: The Jackson Hole Ski Resort gondola aerial tram takes visitors up the mountain during the summer for sightseeing, scenic views, and hiking.

Take the Jackson Hole Tram

Located on the border of Jackson Hole Wyoming at the Grand Teton National Park is the Jackson Hole Ariel Tram. The tram takes you up 4,000 feet in about 12 minutes. 

The views are amazing, you can spot wildlife and then once at the top you have to try the waffles at the cafe everyone raves about them. 

These are a number of ways to keep your kids safe, and for them to have a good time while visiting Grand Tetons National Park with Kids. If you’ve taken your children on past trips there, what other things did they enjoy doing?  



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