Underground Railroad Stops In Auburn NY

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You’ve heard of the Underground Railroad, haven’t you? It’s one of the most important journey’s noted in history. It’s the place in which freedom-seeking slaves risked their lives for the ultimate freedom. When mentioning term the Underground Railroad, it is worth noting anyone and everyone involved in the process. While it was mostly African Americans that were the ones escaping to freedom, there were also African Americans guiding the path of others on the Underground Railroad. It is said that a lot of people attempted the Underground Railroad stops, but only about 1,000 people made it through successfully to taste that freedom that they so desperately longed for.  

One of the most important journeys noted in history. It’s the place in which freedom-seeking slaves risked their lives. See the Underground Railroad stops in Auburn. #auburn #newyork #historicsite #ourroaminghearts #undergroundrailroad | Underground Railroad | Auburn New York | New York | Historical Site

Underground Railroad Stops In Auburn NY

if you will be taking your kids on the journey of the Underground railroad stops there are two books I highly recommend. The first is What Was the Underground Railroad. The second is from the same series and is called Who Was Harriet Tubman. I like this series because to explain the underground railroad on a level fit for late elementary kids without all the gruesome stuff mixed in.

Uncovering the Freedom Trail

The interesting part of the Underground Railroad is how far the trail runs. I spent some time uncovering the Freedom Trail and it was quite amazing! There are Underground Railroad hotspots, especially in Auburn, New York! Here are some of the spots in which the Underground Railroad happened in this city.

Harriet Tubman Home – You’ve most likely heard of Harriet Tubman. She was a very important part of the success of the Underground Railroad. She made many trips to the South to rescue her friends, family, and to help guide complete strangers.

Her home she settled in is here and now a National Park Service site. You can tour the grounds and learn her story then head down the road to her grave site. 

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Seward House Seward was an abolitionist who was also an important part of the Underground Railroad movement. He offered his home up to those who were seeking freedom during this time period. You can take a guided toward through this historical home!

Now we were told Harriet Tubman wasn't a conductor at this stop even though she settled nearby after the war.

Springside InnAnother stop that is not documented on the Underground Railroad. This spot existed while the Civil War was happening. There is a lot of history to see and experience. They say the grounds behind the inn was part of the Underground Railroad trail. You can stay the night at Springside Inn and get a feel for the history!

Cayuga County Freedom Trail – There are literally dozens of places you can visit on the Freedom Trail in regards to the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad operated for many years and had dozens of people involved in it. There are maps you can use to drive around and visit the sites and study their importance.

Hopefully, while you’re in Cayuga County, you can get the experience of visiting different parts of the Underground Railroad stops. It’s an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and I hope to bring the family back someday. You can also learn more about the underground railroad in the Finger Lakes NY area as well. 


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