Ultimate Guide to the Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi

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Elvis Presley grew up in a small town in Mississippi called Tupelo. He was born in a small home and this birthplace of Elvis is now a historical museum dedicated to the singer. The Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi is also located on the Mississippi Blue Trail. 

Elis Presley was born in a small home and this birthplace of Elvis is now a historical museum dedicated to the singer. Use this Elvis Presley Birthplace guide when visiting. #elvis #elvispresley #tupleo #mississippi #ourroaminghearts | Mississippi | Tupelo | Elvis Presley | Birthplace of Elvis

Ultimate Guide to the Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi

Tupelo, Mississippi is a small town in Northeastern Mississippi, that is located right off of Interstate 22. Our family had been on a visit to Graceland the day before, and when we saw that we would be driving right nearby to the birthplace of Elvis, it just seemed fitting to stop and check it out, making that part of our trip a little more Elvis themed.

It turned out to be a great little stop and it was a perfect amount of time to be out of the car and see a few things, get a great stretch and some exercise and get back to traveling.

Tupelo Mississippi

Where Elvis Presley was born?

Elvis Presley was born in the small town of Tupelo Mississippi on January 8, 1935, to Vernon and Gladys Presley. The house is a tiny 2 room shotgun style house. 

Elvis Presley Birthplace

Where did Elvis Presley grow up?

Elvis Presley grew up in Tupelo Mississippi while his family had to move out of his birth home due to lack of payment they did stay in town moving several times. 

Elvis Presley Birthplace

Visiting the Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi

The Elvis Presley Birthplace has been very well put together, in that not only is his childhood home there, but they have added other things to the site as well such as a chapel and the church where his family worshiped. You can choose to walk around the grounds for free and be able to see the outside of the home and go in the gift shop and memorial chapel, but if you want to see inside the home, the church and the museum, there is an entrance fee. 

Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi

Elvis Presley Birthplace Tickets

You can pay just to do the house only and it’s just eight dollars for that. The full tour is eighteen, and they do offer discounts for seniors and children.

Elvis Presley Birthplace

The gift shop is where you enter to pay for the tickets for the exhibits and the shop has a good variety of items for sale as well. Some were your typical Elvis merchandise, but they had some different things too that I had not seen at other places, including Graceland.

They have put in a museum there, and it is not a huge one, but it does touch on his upbringing and has memorabilia from his career. If you are interested in more of his memorabilia make sure to check out the massive museums at Graceland

Elvis Presley Birthplace

They have some neat little details worked into the walk around the house, like a timeline of his life and career, as well as some National marker signs. The house is just a 2 room, with furniture from the 1930’s and it really makes you realize where he came from and the humble beginnings he had. His father bought this house for just one hundred and eighty dollars. Just incredible when you think of how things turned out later.

13 year old Elvis Statue Elvis Presley Birthplace

There is a great bronze statue of Elvis at 13 years old with his guitar, as well as an amazing one at the top of the property on the lookout with him as a child and as an adult combined.

Elvis Presley Car

They have a car there that is thought to be the type his family left Tupelo in, and a beautiful fountain to see.

Elvi Presley Church

They also have moved his childhood church building there on the property.

There is a lovely memorial chapel that is open to the public, and it has a gorgeous stained glass in it, with his gospel music playing in the background. It is a great experience to sit there and listen to his voice while you are seeing the beauty of the little chapel.

Elvis Presley Birthplace

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The property is just about 2 to 3 minutes off the interstate and it was very easy to find.

Elvis homecoming Statue

If you want to also visit the Homecoming statue, it is about 5 minutes further into town from the birthplace.

Elvis came back to Tupelo after he had become more famous and performed at the park where he had once sung as a child on the stage. The statue shows him with a microphone in hand and is based on the very famous photo that was taken of him at the show there.

Elvis Homecoming Statue - Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi

There is a sign there that tells you all about the concert lists, and the whole story and it is fun to see. For an Elvis fan, it is definitely worth traveling a couple of extra minutes to.

Around Town – Tupelo, Mississippi

Tupelo does have a few other things to see besides the birthplace and the Homecoming Statue, so if you want to make more of a stop out of it you definitely could do so. There is an automobile museum, A National Battlefield site, Civil War Center, Natchez Trace Parkway for outdoor hiking, a replica of the Vietnam Wall, and a few other historical sites related to Elvis, like the Tupelo Hardware store where his first guitar was purchased and more.

Tupelo Mississippi

Elvis was such a huge part of music history and a great reminder of how you can start out with a dream and make things happen. To see the grounds he played on as a child and be in the house he lived in is a very cool experience, and one thing I would say I would do differently, is to visit the birthplace before visiting Graceland, but doing them close together in time for sure makes a huge impact on you.

Elvis Presley Birthplace

Mississippi Blues Trail

The Elvis Presley Birthplace is also part of the Mississippi Blue Trail. Elvis incorporated the Blues he grew up on in many of his songs and they recognized him for it. 

Graceland does do combination tours as well and takes buses to the birthplace since the drive is not that far.

So now I want to know have you been to the Presley Birthplace in Tupelo Mississippi? What are your thoughts? I want to know in the comments below! 


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    1. Even non-fans should experience this park. Be sure to watch the movie, where much can be learned. Include admission to church when you get your ticket. Church presentation is very well done. The small museum has interesting items
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