Traveling on a Budget Like a Pro!

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Who doesn’t like to travel and save money doing it? Saving money is important, but also finding the right platforms to do so is even more important. You don’t want to book travel through just any website. You want to make sure you’re doing it right. I’ve combed the internet for the best discount travel options. Because paying full price for traveling shouldn’t even be a thing when you are traveling on a budget.

Who doesn’t like to travel and save money doing it? I’ve combed the internet for the best traveling on a budget option. Ready to go? #frugaltravel #ourroaminghearts #travel #wanderlust | Traveling On A Budget | Frugal Travel | Saving Money on Vacations | How to save on Traveling

Traveling on a Budget Like a Pro!

TripAdvisor is a discount travel website you have probably already heard about. I have used them many times over the years to book hotels or to find a flight. You can easily go to their website and book a vacation rental or a  flight. Go ahead and check it out for booking your next vacation.

Getaway Today –  Getting away should be hard and that’s why using Getaway Today is always a good idea. Whether you need tickets, hotels, cruises, car, or airfare, they can help you get what you need. Their platform is also super easy to use and understand. You can also get special gifts and discounts for booking with them.  

Ebates is probably not the first place you thought of when you thought of discount travel, but it is a real thing. Ebates has the ability to help you book a vacation package, rent a car, book a flight, and much more. You book online and then get cash back on your bookings! Don’t rule them out when you’re thinking of discount travel options.

Groupon – Saving money with Groupon has been a staple in many households for years. Did you know you can also get discount travel with them too? While they have very few travel options, the ones that they do have are amazing. Groupon is super popular for offering amazing deals for traveling overseas.

CityPASS – Located in several major cities around the USA (and Canada) you buy one ticket at 40% -50% off and get into several attractions.

Pogo Pass – Kind of like CityPASS but only good in a few cities out west you buy the Pogo Pass and you get 50+ attractions and it's good for a year.

Airbnb – The vacation rental website everyone is talking about. Not only do they offer great deals on places to stay you can now book experiences at local attractions with them and soon book tables at local restaurants!

Travelocity – Not only does Travelocity have a catchy name, they also have a really large website for helping you find a good travel deal. In fact, they are one of the biggest travel companies out there. It’s easy to book whatever you want, travel-wise, so you might want to hop on over there to check it out.

Airfare Watch Dog – Although Airfare Watch Dog has a pretty long name, they do have a very big job. They truly make flying easier and more affordable. When you want to fly somewhere and save money, this is probably one of the best discount travel websites to check out. Plus they compare all the travel websites together, so you can find an even better deal.

Free Camping – You can't beat free when it comes to things to do. You can go to some and camp for free and it will give you more money to spend on the experience while traveling.

If you thought traveling on a budget was going to be hard, it’s really not. What’s your favorite discount travel website?

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