Things to do in Savannah GA – Where to Go to be Spooked Senseless

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Savannah, Georgia, has the reputation for being one of the most haunted cities in the US and for good reason! From restaurants to cemeteries to old mansions, there seems to be ghosts and hauntings in most of the buildings in Savannah. The city has been burying its dead since the early 1750s, and often times, in unmarked graves. Then people build houses and places of business right over those burial grounds. If you are looking for thing to do in Savannah Ga here are just a few places you should go to be spooked senseless in Savannah!

Things to do in Savannah GA - Where to Go to be Spooked Senseless

Things to do in Savannah GA – Where to Go to be Spooked Senseless

Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery is considered one of the most haunted places in all of Savannah. It is not uncommon at night to see dark shadowy figures in between headstones or green mists floating on the grounds. Go during the day and read the interesting stories etched on the headstones.

The cemetery dates back to the 1750s and has a reported 10,000 people buried there, but only 1,000 headstones. Many people were buried in mass burials during the Yellow Fever outbreak. The cemetery is closed at night, and don't even think of jumping the fence.



There are cameras all over Colonial Park Cemetery and you will get arrested and fined. If you won't be too afraid, sit outside on the benches at night and watch the ghosts float by inside the gates.

Things to do in Savannah GA - Haunted Savannah

Haunted Savannah Map

The Mercer Williams House

The most haunted house in all of Savannah is the Mercer Williams House on Monterey Square. It is now a museum, but the most famous resident was Jim Williams, who was the main character in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

He was a very eccentric antique dealer who killed Danny Hansford in the house. The staff have reported seeing ghosts of both Jim Williams and Danny Hansford late at night. There is also a young boy who haunts the Mercer Williams House.

He was on the roof pigeon hunting when he slipped and fell to his death impaled by the metal fence surrounding the house. Gruesome!

Things to do in Savannah GA - Hanted Savannah

Haunted Savannah: America's Most Spectral City

432 Abercon Street

It was not uncommon in early Savannah days to build right on top of burial grounds and cemetaries. This is more than likely why this entire city is one of the most haunted in the US!

The house at 432 Abercon Street was built on top of one of those burial grounds. People have reported seeing floating apparitions on the grounds and feeling negative energy the closer they get to the home.

There are many stories surrounding this house and none of them appear to be true. The story of why this house is haunted continues to be a mystery.

What items are on your list of things to do in Savannah Ga?

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