The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

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How many of you have never seen a cactus in real life? If not, you need to head to Saguaro National Park Arizona because this is where you will see the nation’s biggest cacti. You won’t see these cacti just anywhere, but you will see them here. There is so much to see and do while you’re in this national park. Kick back and relax as I take you on a tour!

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The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

The closest city to stay in while visiting is Tuscon and the Airbnb around Tuscon is fairly cheap! Remember you get a free $40 credit when you sign up (for free!) with my link.

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The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

Visitor Center

Like any other large park, there are two visitor centers at Saguaro National Park. Check out Saguaro West and take note that it’s open from 9-5 every day, except on Christmas day. This visitor center allows you to see beautiful views and you can get a closer look at historical and educational exhibits.

Saguaro East is the other visitor center that you can check out, while in Saguaro National Park. This visitor center is a bit smaller and older. If you’d like to get more info on both visitor centers, go here.

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The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

Park Loop Road

We did the park loop drive on the west part of the park. It was mostly a dirt road that wound around the mountains and many of the trailheads. You got some beautiful views of Tuscon and got to see so many huge and beautiful cacti!

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The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

Hiking Options

If you’re going to head to Saguaro National Park, you should make plans to check out their hiking options. They have all kinds of amazing hiking options available.

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First is the Freeman Homestead Trail. Down this trail, you will find an old homestead foundation. You might also be able to catch a glimpse of a Great Horned Owl. Seeing the desert like this will make you happy!

Loma Verde Loop is up next on the hiking options.  This hike takes you through majestic trees and a flowing wash. Your eyes might not believe the beauty you are seeing.

The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

Side note: Down many of these trails we found they have the signs like above explaining the different plants you see.

Hope Camp and Ridgeview Trail used to be an old homesteading road. You can see Rincon Peak from this trail. From this trailhead, you can see beautiful panoramic views like no other place in the Saguaro National Park.

Take the time to visit King Canyon/ Gould Mine Loop. This loop is very beautiful, but also very rocky!

The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

Another Note: We also saw many of the signs above too, and I HATE snakes!

Another beautiful trail is the Sendero Esperanza Trail to the Ridge/ To Wasson Peak. Panoramic views and the valley are there for your viewing pleasure. The only thing to do is enjoy it!

The Wild Dog Trail is pretty popular in Saguaro National Park. A perfect desert trail for hikers!

One of the longer trails, Garwood Dam and Wildhorse Tank, is 6.4 miles long. Some would describe this trail as a cactus forest.

To get a closer look at the whole list of trails and loops, you can go right here. You’ll be able to see descriptions of all the locations and lengths of the trails/loops.

The Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona

Camping Options

Looking for camping options, while exploring the beautiful Saguaro National Park? You need to check out these camping options!

We found near many of the campgrounds where beautiful places for picnics with a place to eat and grills.

What tips would you add to this Ultimate Guide to Saguaro National Park Arizona?  Let me know in the comments below!

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